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The Problem: Finding efficiency for all

Connecticut based marketing agency Zero Gravity Marketing required a customer feedback tool for digital projects that was simple enough for clients to get the hang of quickly, yet had all the bells and whistles you expect from a full project management system.

Coming across BugHerd via some online research (Google), Zero Gravity was hooked on the significant improvements to their workflow. Previously managing bugs through either email, Zoho, Asana, or spreadsheets they could see it was a no brainer to add BugHerd to their QA and project feedback process.

"It’s great to have such a versatile solution like Bugherd as part of our toolkit."

Chris Uzzo
CEO and Founder of Zero Gravity Marketing

How Zero Gravity Marketing use BugHerd

The primary users of BugHerd within Zero Gravity Marketing are the usual suspects, including Devs, Digital Producers, Account Directors and Account Executives. And of course, Zero Marketing’s clients.

Using the public feedback button (via JS install) allows Zero Gravity’s clients to provide feedback without having to login or be invited. This means that there next to no training required to get clients on board and giving feedback. They just point, click, comment and send.

From there, the Account Executive is tasked with reading the comment, translating the feedback into actionable data for the devs and moving the task to “to do”. Simple, practical and efficient.

Compared with the previous process of sending back and forth emails and trying to collaborate on spreadsheets. Once the team was on board with the BugHerd process and flow, efficiency in this process was easily improved by more than 25%.

"Bugherd has helped our team become more efficient in identifying and resolving issues with our projects."

Chris Uzzo
CEO and Founder of Zero Gravity Marketing