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What BugHerd does for...

Simplify collecting feedback from clients and stakeholders

Spend less time wading through confusing email chains or convoluted spreadsheets. BugHerd pins feedback to the page and includes all the information you need to make it actionable.
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Public feedback tool

Students can provide feedback on course content

The Public Feedback tool allows you to gather ongoing feedback on your online course content, without requiring a log in.

Improve collaboration and communication across remote teams

Know what everyone in the team is working on, what's complete and what needs picking up. BugHerd helps add visibility to your team, especially if you're not in the same office.
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Our customers say the nicest things!

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We needed a tool that would tag and track feedback on specific pages of our Canvas LMS, while providing specific and contextual information. It had to be intuitive and flexible for both admins and reviewers to use.

Ted Blanchard,
Instructional Technologist

Simplify communication with stakeholders

Keep your team and stakeholders on the same page. BugHerd makes it easy for reviewers and subject matter experts to provide feedback, and for the team to clearly understand what needs to be done.
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