Contextual website feedback with a point and click

Make it easy for your team, clients and stakeholders to leave website feedback.
Everyone can mark up changes, bugs and issues without leaving the website.  

BugHerd makes it easy to get actionable, contextual feedback for your website project.

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Annotate web pages

The BugHerd sidebar works like an overlay on your website. To leave feedback, reviewers simply click the plus button, then select where to leave feedback. As you or your clients scroll over the page, BugHerd highlights each section, so you can be sure feedback is pinned to the right spot.
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Teylor S

Chief of Operations

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“A click and comment tool that has immensely helped our agency's workflow!”

Pin feedback to the element

BugHerd drops a pin on the page element where your reviewers click. These pins remain attached to the element until the feedback or bug is resolved, keeping you and your clients up-to-date on project progress, while preventing duplicated feedback on the same issue.

BugHerd captures technical details for you

No need to take a screenshot of what you see on the page, BugHerd captures that for you. BugHerd also captures your operating system, browser information and screen resolution, so all you need to do is type in what you want changed!

How clients and teams can leave great website feedback using BugHerd


From the sidebar, select if you want to leave feedback on an element of the page, the whole page or record video feedback


Pin feedback to an element on the page by clicking on it. BugHerd captures a screenshot, which you can annotate.


A pin appears on the page. Click it to view the details of your feedback, including the browser and operating system info BugHerd captured for you.