Collect, manage and action website feedback from one location

BugHerd is a simple one-stop bug tracking and website feedback tool.

How it works in 2 minutes

The easiest way to give feedback

Simple to set up
BugHerd can be set up via a Javascript snippet included in your website, or through a browser extension, the decision is yours.
Simple guest feedback
No need for clients to have coding or technical knowledge. No steep learning curve - guests can simply point and click to provide valuable website feedback.
Unlimited guests
Invite guests to review your website. There’s no limit on guest numbers making it perfect for projects with a lot of stakeholders. You can even select to make guest feedback visible to other guests to reduce duplication in feedback.
Unlimited projects
Create as many or as few projects as you need.
Report bugs and capture screenshots* across mobile websites.

*mobile screenshots are available on premium plan and above
BugHerd's side bar makes it easy to point and click to provide visual feedback

The clearest feedback

Pin feedback to website elements not location
BugHerd sticks feedback to the element on a website, so if an element moves on a page, the feedback stays with it, removing the guesswork of which image needs updating.
Capture technical information
BugHerd captures browser and operating system information, screen size and resolution, website URL and selector information, to help your team replicate bugs and fix issues faster.
Screenshots and annotations
BugHerd automatically captures a screenshot for feedback. Guests and team members can annotate the screenshots for extra clarity, if desired.
Attach additional information
Include specs, error logs or examples of other sites to feedback. Comment on existing design ideas.
Real-time commenting
Need information about a task or want to communicate with the team, BugHerd lets you comment on a task and share with your team, or the feedback provider.
Optimise your site
Keep your website in tip-top shape by enabling public feedback. Anyone who visits your site can leave feedback for you. Make sure your pages are always user-friendly and your visitors can always find the information they need.
website highlighted by visual feedback tool.

The smartest way to manage feedback

Logically organise your feedback
Tag feedback for easy sorting and grouping. Group similar tasks and feedback for easier resolution or separate out feature requests.
Triage with style
Feedback from guests or from public feedback is sent to the Feedback tab, so you can sort it and remove duplicates before sending it to the Task Board.
Version control sync
BugHerd lets developers update bug information quickly from commit log messages using GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket.
Integrate with existing workflows
Slide BugHerd into existing team workflows. Integrate with GitHub, Slack, Basecamp or use Zapier to integrate with Jira, Trello and over 1500 other tools.
Extend BugHerd further through APIs
Need something extra? Check out BugHerd’s API documentation.
BugHerd task board - a kanban style board for tracking bugs
“BugHerd probably saves us
at least 3-4hrs per week.”
— Emily VonSydow,
Web Development Director @ Bop Design

How much time and money can BugHerd save you?

Company rate is how much your company charges clients per hour.
Feedback timeframe is the duration your company allows for, during QA and UAT.
BugHerd could save you
on your next project:
On average, BugHerd saves each team member 2 hours of admin work per week during the feedback process.
* ROI information is illustrative only.

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