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Browser extension or Javascript

Simply install both for maximum flexibility
BugHerd Browser Extension benefits
BugHerd Browser Extension javascript snippet benefits

How it works

BugHerd is a virtual layer on top of your website that only your team, and your clients, can see.

BugHerd helps with website annotation

Simply point & click on any element to report an issue. Feedback is “pinned” directly to the website issue.

Report a bug or give website feedback

Developers access the issue, and its details, directly on the website. Nothing gets lost in translation.

BugHerd collects all contextual feedback from the feedback or reported bug

BugHerd maintains key details on
every issue logged with all the data
to resolve it.

BugHerd collects contextual data from reported bugs

Irrespective of your device

BugHerd is a full featured bug tracker…
...without the complexity.

Manage projects with a simple Kanban board.

BugHerd Kanban board helps you to manage projects and bugs

Collaborate with clients and agency partners.

Collaborate with clients using BugHerd

Integrate the apps you know

BugHerd integrates with most popular collaboration tools like zapier and slack

And lots more...

  • In-page feedback - Submit feedback and report issues directly from your website.
  • Visual feedback - See exactly where an issue was reported with BugHerd’s visual site overlay.
  • Automatic screenshots - Automatically attach screenshots with every bug report.
  • 3rd-Party integrations - Get more out of your workflow by connecting BugHerd to your favourite services and apps.
  • Visual task board - Manage, assign and prioritize tasks quickly and easily with the complete bug tracking system.
  • Version control sync - BugHerd conforms to your workflow letting you update tasks with commit messages.
  • Unlimited projects - Use BugHerd on as few or as may projects as you like.
  • Simple guest access - Get clients and external stakeholders involved in sharing feedback on your projects. Without teaching them to code.
  • Inline tagging - Use tags to organise and group your feedback, issues and feature requests.
  • File attachments - Upload additional files like specs, logs or mockups.
  • Browser & OS - Know which browser and operating system were used when the issue was reported.
  • Full selector data -  See the full selector for reported issues, making troubleshooting painless.
  • Screen size & resolution -  Resolve responsive layout issues by looking at the window size resolution.
  • Real time discussions - Communicate with your team using BugHerd’s real-time comment feed.
  • Privacy controls -  Permission management let you control who has access to what.
  • Mobile - Report bugs and capture screenshots* across mobile websites without the need to install anything on the device.
*Note: mobile screenshots are only available on premium plan and above
Mark up bugs and feedback on website

Contextualise feedback

Mark up issues and submit feedback directly on your layouts, content and images with a single click.

Collaborate and prioritise tasks

Keep your team on track

Delegate and prioritise tasks, track progress, and keep clients in the loop with our clutter-free task board.

Sort through bugs on the task board

Find exactly what you need

Easily filter and sort through bugs on the taskboard letting you know what needs to be done and when.

Increase developer productivity

Increase developer productivity

Stop miscommunicating with clients so you can spend less time discussing bugs and more time fixing them.

Integrate with your existing tools

Integrate with your existing tools

Get more out of your workflow by connecting BugHerd to the services and apps you already use.

BugHerd is hosted in the cloud

Hosted in the cloud

Start bug reporting right away. There is nothing to install. Begin your free trial and start immediately.

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