Get clear, actionable feedback from clients, team members and stakeholders.

Replace outdated spreadsheets and email when collecting reviewer feedback on your web projects. BugHerd streamlines your feedback management, helping you collect clear, actionable feedback and organise and resolve bugs and issues faster.

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Easy website annotations

From the BugHerd sidebar, simply point and click on the website or document as you’re viewing it to leave feedback.

BugHerd drops a pin for feedback directly onto the page elements, captures a screenshot and the reviewer’s name, email browser and operating system details.

It’s incredibly easy for clients and your team to use.
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Teylor S

Chief of Operations

icon of review source

“A click and comment tool that has immensely helped our agency's workflow!”

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Actionable Bug reports

BugHerd automatically captures a screenshot (including the feedback pin), along with technical information that makes solving feedback or reported bugs easier.

Information includes the browser, operating system, screen resolution and the actual element the feedback is pinned to. Screenshots can be further annotated to highlight changes.

Client feedback with everything your team needs to replicate and solve it.
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Timothy O

Sr. Digital Experience Developerr

icon of review source

“Users can tag any portion of a site and quickly say what is wrong. They don't need to give us more information about their device, browser, URL, etc.”

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Integrated Kanban board

With BugHerd's integrated task board every piece of feedback collected through BugHerd is automatically routed to a user-friendly kanban-style board.

This visualization allows teams to oversee all feedback at a single glance, facilitating swift prioritization, assignment, and tracking of tasks through to completion.

Use your own PM tools? BugHerd has seamless integration with a wide array of leading project management tools, such as Jira, Trello, Asana, and more.
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Susan C


icon of review source

“Tasks can easily be moved into the Kanban for the developer and reviewed and archived as completed. Huge efficiency for clients and developers.”

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Design review & online proofing

Whatever you’re creating for your clients, let BugHerd capture their thoughts.

From Figma design prototypes, landing pages, campaign emails, whitepapers and PDF guides, BugHerd can help gather feedback on it all.

Simply upload your document, image or prototype to BugHerd, share it with your clients and stakeholders to get their feedback and approval.
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image of the feedback on deliverables feature
image of the video feedback feature

Video feedback

BugHerd's advanced video and screen capture features allow for detailed issue documentation.

Users can capture the steps leading to a problem, and include audio commentary for clear explanations of issues and change requests.

With a one-minute timer BugHerd ensures feedback is both precise and to the point.
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BugHerd effortlessly integrates into your existing workflow, connecting with tools you're already using like Slack, Jira, Trello, Asana, GitHub and more.

It streamlines your process, allowing for smooth feedback and task synchronization without the need for new systems or extensive training with both 2-way and 1-way integrations.

With BugHerd, you enhance your workflow's efficiency and maintain cohesive project management, all while ensuring accurate client billing with time-tracking integrations like Harvest or Time Doctor.
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image of the public feedback feature

Public feedback

Collect website feedback on an ongoing basis with BugHerd’s public feedback tool.

Let website visitors and users report issues with your website as they see them.

Visitors can feedback about specifics on a page such as a broken link, or on your site as a whole. Choose whether you want to capture an email address for feedback, so you can follow up.
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No code setup

Just get your preferred browser extension.

Unlimited reviewers

Invite as many clients as you need to give feedback. Avoid duplicate feedback by enabling them to view feedback left by others.

Unlimited projects

Capture feedback on as many sites, images, documents and designs as you need.

Client communications

Keep the conversation and collaboration going with comments in BugHerd. Perfect for remote teams and clients.

Supercharged QA and UAT

Simplify your Quality Assurance and User Acceptance testing phases.

Fully customisable

Make BugHerd your own with a white label solution.