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BugHerd is the website feedback tool for all your web projects

Direct feedback on web pages

Forget about long email threads or confusing spreadsheets. With BugHerd, your clients can simply click and comment directly on the website as they review it, ensuring precise feedback on design, functionality, and content.

Automatic capture of technical information

BugHerd captures a screenshot or video with each pin left on the website, plus technical details, like browser, operating system, exact URL and more. All the data you need to resolve bugs and feedback fast.

Streamlined task management

BugHerd’s integrated Kanban board transforms client feedback on websites into trackable tasks. Assign tasks to your team, prioritize issues, and track them to completion. BugHerd lets you easily manage website feedback, from one central location. 

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Make it easy to collect feedback on your website

Delivering an exceptional customer experience relies on gathering valuable feedback seamlessly so your team can resolve the bugs. BugHerd is the essential tool that streamlines the process of collecting and organizing customer feedback for your website and web applications, for you and your team.

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Real-time Website Feedback

Collect feedback in a timely and actionable way with BugHerd every time. Clients can effortlessly leave annotations on live web pages, images, designs, and PDF documents. BugHerd's platform also supports video feedback, ensuring a comprehensive and interactive communication channel for every project.

Contextual feedback pinned directly to website elements

BugHerd is the only website feedback tool that enables users to pin their feedback directly onto the specific elements of a website they are reviewing. This feature is revolutionary, enabling clients and team members to communicate more effectively by attaching comments, suggestions, and issues right where they occur on the page. By eliminating the need for cumbersome email exchanges or external documentation, BugHerd ensures that every piece of feedback is both contextually relevant and actionable, significantly streamlining project workflows and enhancing collaboration.
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technical info captured with bugherd

Sophisticated technical bug reports with every feedback

With every piece of feedback, BugHerd gathers a wealth of associated data automatically. This includes capturing the environment from which the feedback originated, ensuring developers have a holistic understanding of the context, speeding up diagnostics, and fostering quicker resolutions.

Manage customer comments in BugHerd’s Task Board & stay up to date on the workflow.

The Kanban-style board allows you to brings all the visual feedback into one location. Assign tasks to your team, prioritize issues, and track them to completion.
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image of feedback on designs feature

Integration with Design Tools and Deliverables

BugHerd also supports feedback on designs and deliverables beyond traditional web pages. Users can collect and manage feedback on design prototypes created in tools like Figma, as well as annotate PDFs and get approvals for images, making it a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of website and design feedback.

Seamless Integration with Other Tools

To streamline workflow further, BugHerd integrates with popular project management, customer support, and CRM tools, as well as offering connections through GitHub, Slack, Zapier, and more. This ensures that BugHerd fits seamlessly into existing workflows, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.
full suite of BugHerd integrations
image of the public feedback feature

Receive ongoing feedback to make sure your website is always up-to-date

Once a website goes live, you can continue to receive feedback and bug reports via BugHerd's Public Feedback Widget which lets you quickly and easily collect user feedback from general website visitors.

Watch BugHerd in action

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Here are 3 easy tips to great website feedback using BugHerd 👇

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Tip 1:

Instead of asking for customer feedback surveys and getting users to fill out feedback forms, make it easy by grabbing direct customer feedback on the page while your customer is interacting with it.

Tip 2:

Funnel the feedback into a feedback portal or task board so you have one central location to manage it. No chance of losing insights, or missing important feedback.

image of task board in new ui
image of task board in new ui

Tip 3:

Triage the feedback data into bugs, feature requests, market research or user behavior to help highlight what needs immediate attention and what you can plan for future updates.

Using BugHerd as a website feedback tool is easy. Just ask around.

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Sam Duncan 📱📏 🌱


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"@bugherd where have you been all my life??

We just migrated our bug tracking over from Asana and have at least halved our software testing time time🪳👏📈. "

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Ashley Groenveld

Project Manager

“I use BugHerd all day every day. It has sped up our implementation tenfold.”

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Sasha Shevelev

Webcoda Co-founder

"Before Bugherd, clients would try to send screenshots with scribbles we couldn't decipher or dozens of emails with issues we were often unable to recreate."

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Mark B


icon of review source

“A no-brainer purchase for any agency or development team.”

image of customer
Kate L

Director of Operations

icon of review source

"Vital tool for our digital marketing agency.”

image of customer
Paul Tegall

Delivery Manager

"Loving BugHerd! It's making collecting feedback from non-tech users so much easier."

image of customer
Daniel Billingham

Senior Product Designer

“The ideal feedback and collaboration tool that supports the needs of clients, designers, project managers, and developers.”

image of customer
Chris S

CEO & Creative Director

icon of review source

“Our clients LOVE it”

image of customer
Emily VonSydow

Web Development Director

“BugHerd probably saves us
at least 3-4hrs per week.”

Frequently asked questions

What is a Website Feedback Tool?
A website feedback tool is a digital platform that enables users to report issues, share opinions, and provide suggestions on website usability and design. It's essential for capturing real-time user experiences, identifying problems, and gathering actionable insights to improve a website's overall performance.
How can a Website Feedback Tool help with bug tracking?
Website feedback tools, like BugHerd, offer specialized features for pinpointing and reporting bugs directly on the website. Users can easily mark areas of concern, allowing developers to see issues in context and resolve them more efficiently.
Why is user feedback important for online businesses and their brand?
Feedback from users is crucial for understanding customer needs and preferences. It helps in optimizing the user experience, increasing customer satisfaction, and guiding strategic decisions. Positive user experiences often lead to better brand perception and customer loyalty.
What unique features does BugHerd offer?
BugHerd stands out with its intuitive interface and direct feedback capabilities. Unique features include:
Pinpoint Feedback: Users can directly pinpoint issues on a webpage.
Contextual Information: BugHerd captures essential technical details alongside feedback.
Collaboration Tools: Facilitates team collaboration with easy-to-use management features.
How does BugHerd enhance the feedback management process?
BugHerd streamlines feedback management by simplifying the collection and analysis of user input. Its integrated tools ensure that feedback is organized, prioritized, and actionable, making it easier for teams to respond to user needs effectively.
Can BugHerd benefit all departments of a business?
Absolutely. From marketing to product development, every department can leverage the insights gathered from BugHerd to improve their strategies and outputs.
How does BugHerd simplify analyzing feedback?
BugHerd's automated tools make feedback analysis straightforward and efficient. With its ability to categorize and prioritize feedback, BugHerd helps teams focus on the most critical issues, ensuring timely and relevant responses to user needs.
What sets BugHerd apart in terms of customer insights?
BugHerd's unique approach to collecting contextual feedback sets it apart. It not only gathers user opinions but also provides detailed information about the user's environment, helping teams understand and resolve issues more effectively.
How does BugHerd aid in continuous website improvement?
By providing a clear, user-friendly interface for the collection of feedback and bug tracking, BugHerd encourages ongoing user engagement, leading to continuous insights and opportunities for website enhancement.
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