Capture feedback from all website visitors

Capture and manage website feedback from visitors or users, without requiring them to be invited into a BugHerd project. BugHerd’s public feedback tool lets you customize an always on feedback experience, perfect for live websites.

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Ensure your website is always optimised for visitors

Let visitors and users of your website report any navigation issues or problems they encounter by including BugHerd’s public feedback. Enable public feedback on a project to make the Send Feedback tab appear on your website. Change the look and position of the tab to suit your needs.
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“A click and comment tool that has immensely helped our agency's workflow!”

Get insights and fix issues with your website

Visitors who click on the Send Feedback tab can select whether to leave feedback on the whole site or a specific part of the site, to alert you to bugs and issues, or leave feedback that they’re unable to find the information they require. All feedback can be managed in your task board, helping you keep on top of changes.
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Follow up with website visitors who leave feedback

Let visitors leave feedback anonymously or capture their email to follow up or thank them for their time. BugHerd still captures the technical details, such as operating system, browser and screen resolution so you can replicate issues and solve problems fast.

How to use always on Public feedback to capture website issues


To enable public feedback on your site, you’ll need to include a small snippet of javascript code into the header of your website. Then enable the public feedback option in your BugHerd project.


Customize the look and feel of your feedback tab, change the colour or position of the tab on the site or change the wording on the feedback tab.


All visitors to your website will be able to view the public feedback tab, and click on it to submit feedback or issues.