Integrate BugHerd with LambdaTest for better bug tracking

Send LambdaTest bugs, including screenshots, browser and operating system information straight to your BugHerd task board. Ensure your website or web app is pixel perfect by thoroughly testing your website on every browser and device with LambdaTest.

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Step your testing up with BugHerd + LambdaTest

The LambdaTest and BugHerd integration lets you send issues found in the LambdaTest platform straight to your BugHerd project. Assign it to a team member and set a severity status all from the test session in LambdaTest.

The task in BugHerd will show all the information about the browser and operating system you were testing in, and a screenshot of the bug or issue.

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What’s BugHerd?
BugHerd streamlines your feedback management, helping you collect clear, actionable feedback and organise and resolve bugs and issues faster.
Why should I use BugHerd and LambdaTest?
Simplify your QA testing with BugHerd and LambdaTest. Perform live, interactive tests and cross platform and browser testing in LambdaTest and send any bugs or issues found straight through to BugHerd for resolution.
What do I need to install?
You’ll need to have current plans for BugHerd and for LambdaTest to integrate the two.
Can I integrate BugHerd with other existing tools?
BugHerd integrates natively with Asana, Jira, Trello, Slack, and more.

BugHerd also works with Zapier or Make, allowing you to integrate with thousands of other tools.
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What information is sent between LambdaTest and BugHerd?
Once you’ve set up the integration, BugHerd will send all the information about the browser and operating system you were testing in, as well as a screenshot of the bug or issue.

Integrate BugHerd with LambdaTest in 3 easy steps

You don’t need to know a line of code to integrate BugHerd with LambdaTest. You'll need to be an Admin or User to set up the integration.
How to install
Step 1:
From LambdaTest, select Integrations. Select BugHerd and click Add.
Step 2:
Enter your API token from BugHerd to connect BugHerd and LambdaTest.
Step 3:
On your website find bugs by performing live, interactive and cross browser testing using LambdaTest and send those bugs through to BugHerd for easy resolution.

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"@bugherd where have you been all my life??

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