Simplify Website Feedback with BugHerd, the Ultimate Website Review Tool

Simplify the website feedback process by allowing reviewers and users to capture and annotate screenshots directly on a website.

BugHerd streamlines your feedback management, helping you collect clear, actionable feedback and organise and resolve bugs and issues faster.

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Website reviews the easy way

If you're a website project manager looking for website feedback tools, BugHerd is what you need.BugHerd lets clients simply drop a pin on the exact web module or element they want to change. You'll streamline website review processes, collaborate better with your clients, and publish amazing websites faster.

One place for feedback:

BugHerd is a centralized platform for gathering and managing contextual feedback and bugs related to website reviews. Anyone involved in the feedback process can collaborate on the same platform.

Speed up the dev process:

Collecting customer feedback can take days, and actioning vague feedback can slow down your devs. BugHerd captures the technical environment when feedback or bugs are reported.

More happy clients:

BugHerd's intuitive website feedback tool keeps teams, clients and stakeholders in the know'. Get every detail of feedback, resolve issues, and ultimately, ship amazing websites.

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Get usable feedback, every time

If you're a website project manager looking for the best website feedback tool, BugHerd is what you need.

BugHerd recognizes the challenges faced during UAT and the cycles your teams waste going through unclear and incomplete feedback from clients and stakeholders.

With BugHerd, gathering and managing website feedback becomes seamless. All you need to do is send clients and stakeholders a feedback request and they can simply drop a pin and leave a comment on the exact element of the website they are reviewing without ever leaving the browser.

BugHerd also captures the exact technical environment data in the background so you never have to ask what screen resolution or browser your reviewers were on when they saw the bug.
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Allison G


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"BugHerd is a no-brainer. It's a core tool of my job and I couldn't imagine the mess of testing and gathering feedback without it."

Collect user feedback directly on web pages

BugHerd is the only tool that lets you drop pins on the website for feedback. Users provide visual feedback directly on the website interface, eliminating the need for protracted email exchanges or convoluted spreadsheets.

Clients and stakeholders can effortlessly pinpoint issues and propose enhancements, making the feedback process efficient.
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Centralize Task Management

BugHerd consolidates all feedback and tasks within a singular platform, with a user friendly interface which simplifies feedback collection and task management.

As an Account Manager, you can allocate tasks to team members, establish deadlines, and oversee progress meticulously.

Unbeatable Teamwork

Your team and clients work together without frustration. Anyone can discuss feedback directly on the website interface, providing invaluable insights and context.

BugHerd captures details, including browser and operating system information, facilitating a deeper understanding and swift resolutions.
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Launch websites that delight

Feedback 'interpretation' causes bottlenecks and miscommunication. With BugHerd's robust features, collecting user feedback is easy. You'll iterate swiftly, implement changes promptly, and deliver unparalleled website experiences.
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Integrate your existing tools

Connect BugHerd with Slack, Asana, Jira or Trello to streamline your workflows. Get deeper insights with FullStory, LogRocket and GitHub integrations. Manage and track your team’s time spent on bugs and client feedback.
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Using BugHerd as a website review tool is easy. Just ask around.

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Sam Duncan 📱📏 🌱


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"@bugherd where have you been all my life??

We just migrated our bug tracking over from Asana and have at least halved our software testing time time🪳👏📈. "

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Ashley Groenveld

Project Manager

“I use BugHerd all day every day. It has sped up our implementation tenfold.”

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Sasha Shevelev

Webcoda Co-founder

"Before Bugherd, clients would try to send screenshots with scribbles we couldn't decipher or dozens of emails with issues we were often unable to recreate."

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Mark B


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“A no-brainer purchase for any agency or development team.”

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Kate L

Director of Operations

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"Vital tool for our digital marketing agency.”

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Paul Tegall

Delivery Manager

"Loving BugHerd! It's making collecting feedback from non-tech users so much easier."

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Daniel Billingham

Senior Product Designer

“The ideal feedback and collaboration tool that supports the needs of clients, designers, project managers, and developers.”

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Chris S

CEO & Creative Director

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“Our clients LOVE it”

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Emily VonSydow

Web Development Director

“BugHerd probably saves us
at least 3-4hrs per week.”

More info about BugHerd's website review tool

BugHerd collects comments and markups on websites and other assets, complete with a screenshot, annotation and metadata. BugHerd turns all that data into tasks, ready for the team to action.

While other website annotation programs may require different applications to manage the website markup, BugHerd offers an all-in-one solution. The comments and data are sent directly into BugHerd's task board, a Kanban-like environment where design and development teams can track and manage all the website feedback.

Take a look at the list of the frequently asked questions to get to know BugHerd better.

What is a website review tool?
BugHerd's website review tool is a powerful software designed for easy and efficient annotations on websites. It allows users to annotate, highlight, and comment on text, making collaboration and document review seamless.
How can I collaborate with others using BugHerd's website review tool?
BugHerd's provides collaborative features that allow multiple users to review and annotate documents simultaneously. Users can leave comments, suggest edits, and track changes in real-time.
Is BugHerd's website review tool suitable for team collaboration?
Yes, it's ideal for team collaboration. It fosters efficient communication among team members, enabling them to work together on documents and share feedback seamlessly.
Can I customize the styles in BugHerd's website review tool?
Absolutely! BugHerd offers customization options for markup styles, allowing users to personalize their annotations and highlights according to their preferences.
Is BugHerd's website review tool easy to use for beginners?
Yes, it's designed with user-friendliness in mind. It features an intuitive interface and straightforward tools, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced users.
Is there a mobile version of BugHerd's website review tool available?
Yes, BugHerd's is available on various platforms, including mobile devices. You can use it on your smartphone or tablet to review and markup documents on the go.
Can I integrate BugHerd's website review tool with other productivity tools?
You can integration with popular productivity tools and platforms, enhancing its functionality and making it a seamless part of your workflow.
How can I get started with BugHerd?
Getting started is easy. Simply sign up for an account, upload your document, and start marking up! There are tutorials and help resources available to guide you through the process.
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