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Design feedback for websites has never been easier.

BugHerd lets you annotate web pages with a simple point and click. It's a visual feedback tool that makes design feedback clearer and more actionable.

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Get client feedback on designs effortlessly

Clients and team members leave comments directly on the web page elements as they review it.

Keeping track of comments and tasks is simple

All design feedback is automatically routed as tasks to a Kanban-style board for easy management.

Speed up the review and approval process

BugHerd captures and logs client feedback along with technical info such as browser, URL and OS.

Join 10,000+ companies, 350,000+ users across 172 countries.

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BugHerd is the best design feedback tool on the market.
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If you design websites, then BugHerd is for you!

BugHerd is an all-in-one design feedback tool developed for:

  • Designers
  • Project Managers
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Web Developers and Software Teams
  • QA Testers
  • Anyone involved in developing web pages

It's easy for clients and team members to provide detailed feedback on web designs without having to learn a complicated system.

For designers who need design feedback, and project managers who manage the design process, it's a collaboration tool that makes it easy to collect feedback and liaise with team members to make sure that tasks are actioned.

BugHerd simplifies the design feedback process, saving hours of time in follow ups; allowing you and your team to get to the final design faster.  

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Daniel Billingham

Senior Product Designer

“The ideal feedback and collaboration tool that supports the needs of clients, designers, project managers, and developers.”

Why design teams need BugHerd's seamless design feedback tool

The best design feedback tools enable you to receive and manage visual feedback seamlessly, and BugHerd is the leader in this space.  The design process is easy with BugHerd.  Clients and creative teams love using it, and it will totally streamline the way you run your design projects.

Clients and teams can pin design feedback directly to elements on a web page.

The BugHerd design feedback tool will enable users to pin their feedback directly onto the specific section of a website or document.  By attaching comments right where they occur on the web page, there’s no ambiguity and it’s quick and easy for clients and your team members to communicate.  BugHerd offers video feedback functionality as well so clients can share feedback that is accurate and contextual. Designers benefit from visual and actionable feedback, and being able to look at comments through the reviewer's lens.

Say goodbye to complicated email threads, spreadsheets and even Word documents.  BugHerd greatly simplifies the design feedback process and boosts collaboration.
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Manage all client feedback from a single location

All website feedback automatically feeds into a user-friendly Kanban task board for easy task management and tracking.  Your website design project will run smoothly as all feedback is centralized into one location, ensuring that you don’t miss anything.

Prioritize client feedback, assign it to team members and easily manage the pipeline of work.  View your own list of comments and visual annotations, or see the entire team's.  BugHerd’s website feedback tool will help you manage your project efficiently and deliver customer value. 
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Minimise feedback loops and save hours of follow up time

The BugHerd design review tool will automatically attach the relevant technical data to every user comment such as browser info, operating system, exact website URL, screen resolution, etc.

This element of the feedback collection will save both your team and your clients time; eliminating any tedious back and forth, and making sure that everyone is on the same page.

With BugHerd, everything is in one place. Everything you and your team need to manage feedback will be available so you can keep the project moving quickly.
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How Lightspeed Development gathers great client feedback every time...

BugHerd users: 250+ | Customer since: 2012
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How Huebner Marketing wins web projects using BugHerd

BugHerd users: 140+ | Customer since: 2017
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More great BugHerd benefits

Minimal set up for a fast start

Get BugHerd's browser extension and start marking up web pages and providing design feedback faster.

Real-time notifications

BugHerd ensures that the right people are notified at the right time with real-time notifications. Your team will receive a notification when users provide feedback and the status of a task changes.  This way they'll never miss comments and keep communication flowing.

User access

Choose who has access to what in BugHerd. Just want clients to leave feedback without seeing the task board? Can do. Need to have comments only between the team working on a task?  BugHerd allows you to adjust the visibility settings, enabling each team to concentrate on their specific project tasks.

Security and privacy

At BugHerd we take the privacy and security of our clients' data very seriously. We are committed to providing a secure environment and apply best practices to minimise risk. The platform is designed to protect your data from threats by applying security principles at every layer, while maintaining high performance.

Read more about BugHerd's security.

Customise to suit

Custom workflows help streamline the way you and your team work; improving efficiency, enabling users to easily leave detailed feedback, and ensuring that tasks are completed in a structured and organized way. 

BugHerd’s custom workflows allow you to set up each project the way you want, adding the relevant team members and tailoring the sequences of tasks to suit your team’s preference.  You can even make BugHerd your own by adding your logo.

Using BugHerd for Website Feedback is easy. Just ask around.

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Sam Duncan 📱📏 🌱


icon of review source

"@bugherd where have you been all my life??

We just migrated our bug tracking over from Asana and have at least halved our software testing time time🪳👏📈. "

image of customer
Ashley Groenveld

Project Manager

“I use BugHerd all day every day. It has sped up our implementation tenfold.”

image of customer
Sasha Shevelev

Webcoda Co-founder

"Before Bugherd, clients would try to send screenshots with scribbles we couldn't decipher or dozens of emails with issues we were often unable to recreate."

image of customer
Mark B


icon of review source

“A no-brainer purchase for any agency or development team.”

image of customer
Kate L

Director of Operations

icon of review source

"Vital tool for our digital marketing agency.”

image of customer
Paul Tegall

Delivery Manager

"Loving BugHerd! It's making collecting feedback from non-tech users so much easier."

image of customer
Daniel Billingham

Senior Product Designer

“The ideal feedback and collaboration tool that supports the needs of clients, designers, project managers, and developers.”

image of customer
Chris S

CEO & Creative Director

icon of review source

“Our clients LOVE it”

image of customer
Emily VonSydow

Web Development Director

“BugHerd probably saves us
at least 3-4hrs per week.”

Your questions answered about the BugHerd website feedback tool

How does BugHerd help with feedback collection?
A visual feedback tool, such as BugHerd, is a specialized online proofing software designed to record and track website feedback and establish efficient collaboration between website designers and their clients.

BugHerd can be used during website and software development projects to help you, your team and your clients share feedback during design, development, testing or post launch phases, and easily action the feedback.  
What makes BugHerd different from other feedback tools?
All design feedback tools help gather feedback and speed up the web design process, but BugHerd stands out with its unique visual feedback system.  It offers a visual interface which make it simple and intuitive for users to highlight and comment on a website design with just a few clicks.  This is done directly on the website and all comments then flow into a Kanban-style task management board, which makes organizing feedback simple and project management becomes a breeze.  

The best design feedback tools aim at reducing communication gaps between teams and stakeholders. BugHerd is simpler to use than other visual feedback tools and users can get up and running quickly and start user testing on a live website using virtual sticky notes which they pin directly on the element that needs to change.  No other design feedback tools offer this functionality.

BugHerd's easy to use interface makes it simple for both tech-savvy and non-tech savvy users alike to provide markups straight onto a web page without having to go through a steep learning curve to get up and running.
Does BugHerd integrate with other project management tools?
Yes, BugHerd integrates with popular tools like Asana, Trello, WordPress, Jira, and many more.  

This makes it easy to incorporate website feedback seamlessly into your existing workflow.
How can BugHerd enhance creative collaboration among my team and our clients?
Your team will be able to collect feedback easily as BugHerd facilitates collaboration by providing a centralized platform for website commenting and communication. Through visual collaboration clients and team members can communicate easily and are able to comment on tasks, attach files, and work together to resolve issues efficiently.
Is BugHerd only for designers, or can other team members use it too?
BugHerd is designed for collaboration among various team members, including designers, developers, project managers, and clients. Anyone involved in the project can use BugHerd to leave feedback and collaborate effectively.
What types of annotations can be made with BugHerd?
BugHerd is one of the simplest yet advanced design feedback tools on the market.  It supports various types of annotations, including text comments, drawing tools, highlighting features, screen capture, and video feedback. Users can also attach files or screenshots to their annotations for additional context.
Can BugHerd be customized to match our branding or design workflow preferences?
Yes, BugHerd offers customization options that allow users to match the tool to their branding and design workflow preferences. Users can customize colors, logos, and other visual elements to create a personalized experience.
Do I need to install anything?
There are two ways to set BugHerd up to get feedback on a website. You can embed a JavaScript snippet into the “head” of your website or you can install a browser extension to your preferred browser.
Where is the feedback sent?
BugHerd turns the feedback provided into tasks on a Kanban-style task board. Using the Task Board, you can sort, assign and track tasks to completion.
How to give website design feedback with BugHerd.
1. Start a BugHerd free trial.
2. Create a BugHerd 'project' for the website that you wish to track and receive website design feedback for
3. Install the BugHerd extension or add your project's Javascript snippet to your website.
4. Invite your team and/or client(s) to your project to start giving feedback on your website
Can I create websites with BugHerd?
While BugHerd is website software that’s great for providing and gathering visual feedback on websites, it is not a website creation tool.
How do I invite others to a BugHerd project?
You can invite people to join your project to provide feedback and to help resolve feedback. BugHerd has two main user levels, members and guests. Members are able to view the Kanban-style task board and all the bugs and feedback reported. Guests are only able to provide feedback and respond to comments about bugs or feedback they’ve reported.
What level of support does BugHerd provide?
BugHerd offers various support options, including email support, in-product help documentation, and video guides. Deluxe and Enterprise plans also include priority support for quicker issue resolution.
Is BugHerd free?
You can try BugHerd for free on a trial.

BugHerd offers different pricing plans to accommodate various team sizes and needs. You can find detailed information on the pricing page of the BugHerd website. BugHerd also includes a free 14 day trial.

There are no limits on the number of projects or users that can be managed with BugHerd, ensuring scalability and adaptability.

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