Turn referrals 
into revenue

Looking to earn more income? You can earn 20% recurring revenue for every new customer you refer to BugHerd.

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What’s in it for you

You get 20% of every transaction for every new 
customer that you bring to BugHerd.

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What your referrals get

Your referrals will receive 30% off their first 
3 months of their BugHerd subscription.

How much could I earn?

5 referrals = $109/mo*

25 referrals = $545/mo*

50 referrals = $1,090/mo*
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* Based on the BugHerd Premium monthly plan

How it works

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Step 1: Get your referral link

Sign up for the BugHerd Partner Program and you’ll get a unique URL to invite others to try BugHerd. Using this link, your referrals will receive 30% off their first 3 months of their BugHerd subscription.

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Step 2: Get paid

Once your referrals become paying customers of BugHerd, you earn 20% of every transaction for the lifetime of their subscription.

Do I qualify?

Here’s what we’re looking for in an affiliate partner. 
If that sounds like you, we’d like to hear from you!

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You're an Agency or Marketer

Looking to make it easier for your clients to give you great feedback on website builds? Sign them up to BugHerd and be rewarded with better feedback and income.

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Your audience is our audience

Are you a publisher who reaches website creators of all kinds? Let's talk designers, developers, copywriters, project manager, account managers and agencies and how BugHerd can help them.

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You love using BugHerd

Passionate about BugHerd and want to share this with others? Think BugHerd can help many others deal with the headache of client feedback? Us too!

Frequently asked questions

Join the partner program
What is BugHerd?
BugHerd is a visual feedback tool for websites. It’s like using sticky-notes to pin client feedback and track bugs directly on a page. Loved by thousands of great teams worldwide to manage projects across the web. The BugHerd browser extension and sidebar sends complete and contextual info from the feedback or bug submitted (including screenshots, browser, OS & CSS selector data) to be fully managed via the project and task management kanban board.
How do I promote BugHerd?
BugHerd can provide support materials to help you promote BugHerd.

If you’re creating your own ads, guides and promotional material, please refer to BugHerd’s style guide and associated assets.
How much could I earn?
You earn 20% of the subscription price for each new customer you refer to BugHerd, for the lifetime of their subscription.
Is there a cap on what I could earn?
There’s no cap on how many new customers you can refer.
When do I get paid?
To get paid as a partner, connect a PayPal or Stripe account to Partnerstack. You can expect to receive payments on the 13th each month.
What happens after I apply to become a BugHerd affiliate partner?

Once your partnership is confirmed, you’ll receive a personal referral link you can start sharing right away and get access to your referral dashboard.

How do you track conversions?
We use cookies to track your referrals. The cookies last for 90 days after someone clicks on your link. If they click again, the 90 days restarts.