Give feedback on multi-step interactions

Create walkthroughs to give feedback and report bugs on your website with BugHerd’s video feedback. It’s the easy way to leave feedback on multi-step interactions, animations, and anything else that’s difficult-to-describe with written words alone.

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Report website glitches better

Bugherd’s video and screen capture allows for better detail when reporting issues. Capture scrolling issues, unexpected results from roll over menus or problems with hover menus that can’t be shown with screenshots alone.
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“A click and comment tool that has immensely helped our agency's workflow!”

Capture context with video and audio

Capture the steps leading up to the issue. Include audio commentary to clearly explain issues and change requests. BugHerd captures the operating system and browser for the user for easier replication and resolution by your dev team.
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Short, clear video annotations

Keep your video annotations short and sharp with BugHerd’s handy 1 minute timer. Video captures are capped at 1 minute to ensure focus on the issue at hand. There’s no limit to the number of video captures you can create.

How to capture video feedback with BugHerd


Click the video icon in the BugHerd sidebar. You’ll need to give permission for screen record and your microphone.


Once the screen is recording, simply interact with the website, pointing out any issues and changes required.


Stop recording and add any additional details to the task before saving it. Review your screen capture and audio by clicking on the pin.