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More than just a Bug Tracking software company.

The Beginnings of BugHerd

BugHerd officially launched to the SaaS market in 2011. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the company was co-founded by Alan Downie and Matt Milosavljevic in 2010. 

BugHerd was one of the first-ever Aussie teams to grace the US-based startup program 500 Startups and the Australian-based Startmate.

BugHerd gained popularity by carving a niche in the Developer and Designer software tool market. It solved the difficulty they faced getting contextual website feedback from non-technical folk. 

We also had Kanban boards well before Trello… just saying.
collecting feedback from colleagues and stakeholders

BugHerd's Funding Journey

BugHerd secured a modest $500K in seed funding in 2012 and raised a further $1M in series-A funding in 2014. The BugHerd team created two new products, Stack (Task Management) and Brief (Client Management) with a view of expanding the value we could offer to product teams.

As many in the startup world can attest, pivoting or broadening a product offering can be a make or break moment. Unfortunately, the investments made into these new products ultimately proved unsuccessful. With great sadness the company was forced to lay off a large portion of the team and the company was very nearly sold. The one thing that prevented that outcome was constantly hearing how much you (our customers) loved our product. Instead of giving up, we bought out the majority of our investors and forged ahead! 

public feedback tool
collecting feedback from colleagues and stakeholders

BugHerd: The Startup That Wouldn't Die

Despite everything, the product remained cash positive with a global audience of users and in 2018, Stephen Neville and Alan Downie teamed up (with Steve as the newly minted CEO) to breathe life back into the bug tracking tool. 

The reason we are still here today is that at the beginning phase of the business BugHerd created something that solved a customer problem
- Stephen Neville, BugHerd CEO. 

BugHerd has achieved record growth year on year since having a hard reset in 2018 and there’s plenty of opportunity for more! You can read more about BugHerd’s fantastic redemption arc here.

BugHerd Leadership

Alan Downie
Co-Founder of BugHerd

Alan Downie is the founder and CEO of Splitrock Studio and original Co-Founder of BugHerd. 

No stranger to starting successful businesses, he's also co-founded successful SaaS product Usability Hub, the Slack extension RightGif and is currently working on Quix and Smidge (amongst other awesome ideas) under the Splitrock Studio banner. 

Alan believes in generously giving back to the Aussie startup community, as a mentor for Startmate and numerous early-stage startups.  
Alan Downie, Founder of Bug Tracking Software BugHerd

Stephen Neville
CEO of BugHerd

Stephen (Steve) Neville, once Advertising Executive, and Founder of leading application development agency CommonCode has more than 2 decades of marketing and tech leadership under his belt.

With experience on both the client and agency side, working with some of Australia's largest brands, Steve brings a wealth of digital strategy and communications experience with him to the BugHerd team.

Steve has expertly led the BugHerd team to achieve record growth numbers in both users and team members. Until he leaves the team to join the Olympic Kayaking team as his plan B.
Stephen Neville, CEO of Bug Tracking Software BugHerd
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What Does The Name BugHerd Mean?

That’s what you’re really here for, isn’t it?

We herd bugs. What else could it mean? 😜
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