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Questions & Answers

Do I need to install anything?

Where possible we recommend installing BugHerd via a simple one line javascript tag. If you are unable to install any code on your website BugHerd can also be accessed via our browser extension.

Is BugHerd mobile friendly?
Is BugHerd mobile friendly?

The BugHerd sidebar is fully responsive working on mobile websites allowing you to log/close tasks and manage your workflow. On Premium plans and higher Bugherd also captures screenshots for bugs logged on mobile devices.

What is a guest?
What is a collaborator?

Guests are anonymous users who can create new tasks on your project, view and get notified by email on updates to the bugs they reported, add comments and attachments to their bugs & mark their tasks as closed or re-open them. Note: guests have no access to bugs they did not report.

Do you offer annual discounts?
Do you offer annual discounts?

Yes. All BugHerd plans come with annual discounts of 2 months free. You can simply choose an annual or monthly subscription option when your free trial finishes.

Can I export my data?
Can I export my data?

Yes. All BugHerd plans support data export via CSV, XML & JSON. If you're feeling more technical you can also access your tasks via the BugHerd API.

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