How Webcoda drastically sped up their client UAT process

A game changer for the dev team and clients...

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The Problem: "But it works on my computer!"

Sydney based development agency Webcoda has a mission to turn complex client needs into elegant and easy web applications. Their client feedback and bug tracking process, however,  required an upgrade to fit their elegant and easy brand message. Webcoda were specifically on the lookout for a tool that allowed the capture of bugs and feedback from clients in a visual, contextual and simple manner. 

"Before BugHerd, clients would try to send screenshots with scribbles we couldn't decipher or dozens of emails with issues we were often unable to recreate."

Sasha Shevelev
Webcoda Co-Founder

It was a no brainer that the process could be drastically sped up. Instead of spending hours on back and forth emails and phone calls, Webcoda avoids having the “but it works on my computer” conversation by including BugHerd early into the feedback process. So much so that when they pitch new clients, BugHerd is included as an example of how the company reduces UAT time, in turn saving the client precious hours on a build.

How Webcoda uses BugHerd: Attention to detail

Webcoda can be pedantic about ensuring that every issue, no matter how small, is captured in an initial design review. Such a thorough review process sets up the build-up for greater potential success, whereas previously it may have been tempting to ignore initial small perfections.

The speed and ease of logging tickets in BugHerd affords this level of attention to detail.

Once the internal team is happy to proceed, Webcoda sets up their clients as members, so that they can track their tickets live in the Kanban view. The clients really get into seeing the process and progress of their feedback being resolved.

The commenting functionality means that the dev team and clients can still communicate and clarify with fewer, if any, emails and phone calls.

"We use BugHerd with all of our client facing projects. There is no better way for the client to log visual issues."

Tackling a mammoth project: Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

The Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney’s website required a large redesign with thousands of pages, templates and modules to deliver in the very short timeline of less than 6 months.  

Clear and streamlined communication was essential, with only a small team on the client side. Using Bugherd on the project allowed the quick resolution of issues, sometimes within minutes, while the client was still entering content. In this particular project, the ability to work collaboratively and in real-time saved the client thousands of dollars in build time by going straight to the dev team and cutting out the middle person.

Most importantly the client was super engaged and thrilled that the process was so easy with minimal hours spent on rounds of feedback.

"There are few tools that are loved by clients, the developers and managers. BugHerd gives everyone clarity and is actually fun to use."