How Testmate ensured their own website showcased their promise to clients.


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3 years after launching Salt & Fuessel, one of Melbourne’s leading digital performance agencies, co-founder Richard Fuessel developed a new passion. User testing.

On discovering just how much user testing helped in developing websites, he set about creating Testmate, Australia’s largest UX Research Agency that specialises in managing end-to-end user testing. Why? To get the best possible outcomes for clients and ensure the client websites were performing to their peak.

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What makes Testmate special?

“Testmate”, according to Richard, “are truth seekers, determined to help answer the ‘why’ behind client data.”

Everyone at Testmate is driven to be the best at focussing on the details that actually matter to their clients. All clients want to be certain that the changes they make to their website will bring the results they desire.

Testmate are experts in simplifying complex data to provide clear, actionable recommendations for every client they work with. Their client list is impressive, having worked with the likes of Telstra, Mitsubishi, Medibank, Services Australia and Woolworths.

Quality, expert User testing by people just like your target audience

Testmate base their work on a simple and super elegant concept - get people who match your target audience to test your website.

Tens of thousands of testers are available from their database and ready to help. The secret sauce - they’re everyday Australians, just like those you want visiting your website or purchasing your products.

Looking for moderated user testing, user interviews, benchmarking or mental model research? TestMate can help.  With their sophisticated recruitment process they can match testers to the ideal profile for their clients.  

So, if your website target audience is men who love fishing, then you’d want to make sure Colin, a bricklayer with a passion for fishing, is included in user testing your site. This testing allows their UX researchers to see where Colin might find your site confusing, or where best to situate the important information you need visitors to see quickly.

image of customer Colin from Testmate

Colin, Bricklayer from Laverton

‍As Richard notes, “To get better experiences for clients you need to build trust. For Testmate that trust is built by providing a superior, personalised service through the use of real Australian users.”

With over 10,000 user tests conducted, you can be sure they know what they’re doing.

"What BugHerd offers is the peace of mind that everything has been centrally tracked. Whether it’s a major bug or a new idea, we can quickly get it in the system and then we know it won’t get lost."

How Testmate made sure their own website reflected their promise to clients.

If your client promise is to increase website performance, you need to make sure you reflect this when you redesign your own website. 

There’s very little leniency from clients if your website isn’t top notch.

While rebuilding the Testmate website, the team found themselves looking for a way to track issues and streamline the process for managing and discussing issues, particularly removing any obstacles for the developers. We needed something with “easy communications, so that developers can put any questions they have around tasks directly into the system.”

*Spoiler Alert* the solution they were seeking was NOT tracking changes in a Word document by cutting and pasting screenshots. 

For Richard, using BugHerd previously made it an obvious choice for the Testmate website rebuild. “We’ve found it to be super intuitive and easy and so effective that there was no need for us to shop around.

What BugHerd offers is the peace of mind that everything has been centrally tracked. Whether it’s a major bug or a new idea, we can quickly get it in the system and then we know it won’t get lost.”

Being able to group tasks together has really helped plan future releases, but according to Richard, “What I love is the simplicity of logging issues. It’s almost fun.” Almost? 

With a rebuilt website that showcases what they can help clients achieve, what’s next for TestMate?

There’s definitely a few plans in the works. “First, we are launching our website into the US, UK and NZ markets at the start of 2023. After that, we’re aiming to be the leading UX Research company globally.” 

Great news if you are USA based, you can now access superior user testing from everyday Americans with the help of Testmate.

From us at BugHerd, we wish you all the best, and are so excited to be a part of your future journey!

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