How Lightspeed Development gathers great client feedback every time...

Users since the dawn of BugHerd time, this WordPress development agency avoids long-winded client feedback emails.

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Cape Town, South Africa based company Lightspeed Development, have been using BugHerd since the golden age of 2012, which makes them extremely early adopters. They've seen a lot of changes in our product over the years!

Leaders in the WordPress development sphere since 2007, Lightspeed sit firmly in the camp of "we don't know how we functioned without BugHerd" it's hard for the team to recall their process beforehand. If there even was one...

"The LightSpeed team cannot operate without the power of BugHerd to support their workflow. It is almost as important as GitHub... which is saying something!"

Ashley Shaw
CEO & Founder of Lightspeed Development

The Lightspeed process: Making feedback a breeze

Everyone in the company uses BugHerd in their daily workflow, from developers, designers, project managers, sysadmin, dev ops and the business owner.

However, it is in the weekly scheduled client review process of their WordPress site that BugHerd helps make client feedback collection and UAT a breeze.

On a weekly basis, once a project gets to the point where it is considered ready for a client review, the team prepares an email to send the client. This email highlights the review process and introduces them to the process of using BugHerd.

One email can act as a gentle nudge away from the tedious process of collecting client feedback in spreadsheets and long-winded communication.

From there the client can easily submit feedback in BugHerd, which a project manager at LightSpeed can review, validate and assign to the right team member.

The simplicity of the tool and the process allows all kinds of feedback to be gathered such as:

  • Bugs
  • Content changes
  • Translations

New feedback is tagged appropriately, so that groups of tasks can be easily viewed or search. Simple!

"BugHerd acts as a gentle nudge away from emails. Clients can be so used to sending reams of feedback this way."

Lightspeed Development utilise Slack and Github integrations to ensure that everyone across the board from initial comms to pushing changes live has a clear view of the process.

This type of remote, streamlined and instant communication is especially important to the company who are based in South Africa. Lightspeed achieve global reach and make the most of opportunities through open source work utilising these tools.