How Huebner Marketing wins web projects using BugHerd

... demonstrating they care about driving cost and time efficiency for customers.

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The Problem: A tedious operations process

Colorado-based Marketing agency Huebner Integrated Marketing was on the hunt for a product that could help to expedite and enhance their operations process for client-facing web projects.

The existing process of sending back and forth screenshots via email with descriptive language like:

the third section down, small picture second sentence

... was neither effective or efficient. Not to mention the high instances of miscommunication and the sheer amount of time and phone calls spent to identify, let alone fix issues.

Seeking to speed up this review and feedback process with clients and lower the number of communication points to get a project across the line, Huebner Marketing was looking for a solution that required little to no training or installation to get up and running with their clients.

Online exploration led to the discovery of BugHerd. Thanks Google!

"We get everyone on BugHerd. From our president, to the design team, the content team, the project managers and account executives."

Brian Gerstner
Director of Creative Services

How Huebner uses BugHerd

"BugHerd often sets us apart from our competition because it shows that we care about the process and want to drive efficiency for us and our clients."
- Ryan Carey, Business Intelligence

Huebner Marketing has implemented the use of BugHerd with clients from the moment a web-project is put into the live environment stage.

Adding BugHerd to the staging site is the first step, they then invite clients to review the site as guests, educate the client on their process of who to assign bugs and feedback to, how to annotate screenshots for more detail and best practices and tips for submitting the right information.

Designating time periods to focus solely on the site review in iterations keeps the entire client review and feedback process organised and in turn reduces unnecessary back and forth communication.

The fact that the feedback process is so efficient and painless has been a convincing factor with a number of clients to choose Huebner Marketing over other agencies.

"BugHerd makes our lives so much easier and drastically streamlines our revision process.
We have cut our communication time in half by being able to see the specific issue on the page"

Dave Smith
Director of Operations