How Exposure Ninja said goodbye to email and sped up their QA process

By using BugHerd, they got rid of the constant "back and forth" to drastically reduced site delivery time...

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The Problem: Tight timelines for SME web projects

As one of the UK's top Digital Marketing agencies Exposure Ninja has a mission to help businesses grow as quickly as possible. This means timeline management on projects has to be efficient, well-oiled and not liable to blowing out.

They required an efficient bug tracking solution for the QA portion of website projects. A solution that made it easier to log problems, give their devs a simple way to work through them and clarify the issue, without wading through mile-long email chains.

"Before Bugherd, everything was done via email. The client would send over a list of fixes or questions, but there was never a clear way of ensuring we were looking at the same thing."

Tim Cameron-Kitchen
Head Ninja at Exposure Ninja

How Exposure Ninja uses BugHerd: Bye bye emails

Feedback and issues used to be collected and managed via email. The client would send over a list of fixes or questions, which are incredibly difficult to track. There was really no way to be 100% certain that the dev team and the client were looking at the same page or problem.

Timelines were understandably much longer due to the back and forth clarification, and both spent time explaining WHICH issue they were referring to, not just the issue itself.

This entire process has been thrown out. The client is now invited as a guest to the project. If required they talk them through how to submit feedback, though this is only for the less technically able clients as BugHerd is so easy to pick up and use.

Having a screenshot attached to the task is a life-saver. Even if the site looks a bit different to our devs they can still see what the client sees.

Exposure Ninja love how simple and intuitive the process to collect and act on client feedback has become. They especially appreciate the ability for the dev team to manage workload via the task-management board and feedback emails from clients have become rarer than unicorns.

In their words "It’s basically issue tracking AND project management in one, we don’t think we’d be able to function without it!"