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How Nissan supercharged their web feedback and communication process

BugHerd helped radically reduce legacy forms of communication and bring processes into the present...

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The Problem: A communication process stuck in first-gear

Globally recognised car brand Nissan Australia, utilise a leading web agency in conjunction with their internal Digital Marketing team for updates and creation of their many online assets.

The highly trafficked website requires regular and timely content. However, the communication funnel of updates, bugs and queries between the parties was cumbersome, slow and out of date.

The comms consisted of a combination of email trails, Jira tickets, WIP documents (in google and word formats), phone calls and far, far too much time.

Very occasionally, the conversation would devolve into screenshots of the website edited or scribbled upon in... Microsoft Paint.

It was time to streamline the process and bring it into present day...

"The 'automagical' screenshot functionality in BugHerd removes ambiguity and time to explain issues. Lifesaving."

Ross Dougall
National Manager of Customer Experience at Nissan Australia

How Nissan Australia uses BugHerd:
Communication speed from zero to 100

BugHerd has become the main mode of communication between Nissan's Digital Marketing team and the authoring team at the agency.

Used for anything related to, they initially started using BugHerd to document user testing throughout the re-platform and redesign of the site. The product integrated seamlessly in as a way of eliminating emails.

Various business units take advantage of the streamlined process by requesting website changes that can be funnelled, tagged and tracked without having to clarify details. Daily updates on ticket progress give the right people a high-level view of the interactions between the team and the agency, and gives users relevant status info regarding their particular change request.

The time taken to report and fix issues has gone from days to minutes. A fact everyone in the Marketing Team can appreciate as a saviour to both communication headaches and the bottom line!

New members of the team ask about the process for requesting site changes. I can visually show them in about 0.5 seconds."

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