From manual feedback to visual feedback with precisioneffect

How this healthcare advertising agency brought the client QA & feedback process into an updated workflow...

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The Problem: Keeping everyone on track

One of the largest and longest serving healthcare advertising agencies in Boston, precisioneffect is the only one devoted to working with innovator companies that are seeking to change the standard of care.

They've honed expertise over an impressive 40 year span to understand why some clinicians cling to the status quo. They know what it takes to accelerate clients into displaying relevant, tech savvy and current brand representation and marketing.

Like many agencies before them though, the feedback process to review websites created for their clients was less than tech savvy, nor current.

"We had been reviewing websites as static screenshots, but we were missing a whole side of QA dealing with functionality and rendering that we needed to account for."

Madeline Bell
precisioneffect Group Project Manager

While content reviews of sites from static screenshots worked with some clients, many red flags, comments and QA issues were falling through the cracks. These bugs, issues and feedback tidbits would come in from clients as haphazardly as they found them, often in emails, and sometimes an impossible to read spreadsheet (if they were lucky).

Keeping track of feedback manually meant tasks were often missed, as there was no organisation for how they were directed to the developers.

How precisioneffect uses BugHerd:
Global & varied use

The entire team, literally anyone and everyone from precisioneffect has a hand in using BugHerd. From the Editors and Account Team to the Chief Creative Officer, it has been inserted into the workflow across the board.

The great part is that everyone benefits from using BugHerd in a slightly different fashion. The ease of use and adaptability of a customisable workflow means client feedback, issues and QA notes are passed through various stages and stakeholders effortlessly.

For example:

  • The editors, creatives, and account managers all add in their content and functional feedback simultaneously to the backlog column.
  • Our leadership team can also use this time to provide any suggestions, without slowing down the process.
  • Our digital producers are able to start combing through the comments at any point to make sure they are all clear, and necessary, and simply drag them in the To Do column.
  • From there, our developers know exactly what they can pick up and start working on, and easily crossing things off their list by placing them in the done column.

Half the issues can already be remedied before the last person starts their review!

The team particularly appreciate the ability to make comments directly onto tasks, without needing to communicate back and forth in other tools. Everyone (especially the Devs) love that automatic screenshots of the issue, reduce problems replicating and confusion across different screens and browsers.

"BugHerd has been a 'sanity saver' for tracking all comments in one concise location, it has made life so much easier for the Project Manager and Devs."