How Fat Media relies on BugHerd for all digital projects

… no build is left untouched from the BugHerd sticky-note

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Fat Media is a full-service digital agency with more than 100 specialists across 3 locations (plus remote) located in the UK. With a diverse range of clients, from family-run firms to national and international brands, they’re kind of a big deal.

Since they’ve been using BugHerd so long (2013), Fat Media can’t even remember how they came across us. The tool is very much a part of the furniture.

It was recently suggested internally that Fat Media move away from BugHerd (it’s ok, we aren’t offended) and it caused such an uproar amongst the developers and project managers that it’s been banned from talking about again…

"It is absolutely essential and so easy to use - even for our clients who are not necessarily technically experienced."

Garry Tattersall
Fat Media Ecommerce and QA Manager

How Fat Media uses BugHerd

Almost everyone in the company has a hand in herding bugs. With the product being most heavily used by the production team, the client services and QA teams also log bugs or improvements, and of course, the developers work through the resulting to-do list.

The use even spreads as far as the designers or copywriters, it’s very much a collaborative affair!

Considering every project in the known history of Fat Media has been touched by BugHerd it’s impossible to estimate what life would be like without it. We know for sure it would involve a lot of back and forth emailing and phone calls.

To put things into a (very basic) perspective the Fat Media testing process looks like:

  • The dev team tests the site internally and logs any improvements needed in BugHerd
  • The team makes changes and packages up the site for the user testing phase
  • Clients are invited as guests to BugHerd, Fat Media then brace themselves for a barrage of incoming bugs and feedback!
  • The team works through the changes, rarely having to ask a follow-up question since there’s handy device info, browser and screen size data available for every bug that’s logged
  • Everyone celebrates the lack of back and forth emails and calls. Win.

"Without BugHerd, there'd have definitely been some lengthy phone calls with the client to explain exactly what they wanted to change!"

Fat Media also take advantage of the BugHerd / Zapier integration to ensure other project management and issue tracking tools such as Jira and Trello are synced up seamlessly and effortlessly.