The BugHerd product wrap up for 2022

The BugHerd product wrap up for 2022

What's new in BugHerd 2022? Great features: New website feedback experience, better mobile feedback, SSO, direct Integrations with Jira, Asana & Trello.

Merrin Hughes


December 15, 2022

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Oh yeah, it’s that time of the year again. The Christmas decorations are up and the annual “What are your plans for the festive season” conversations are in full swing. We’re desperately trying to make Santa’s nice list and our play list is full of “All I want for Christmas… is a complete wrap up of everything from BugHerd product”. 

Well, wish no longer little sugar plums! Here’s everything you might have missed this year in BugHerd.

New look and feel for the Sidebar

During the year, the BugHerd sidebar had an update to better support cookie (put it down, Santa, it’s not that sort of cookie) changes for Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers.

While we were at it, the design and experience of the sidebar had an update too, to look more modern and make it easier to leave feedback. 

New sidebar look and feel

It’s now clearer to choose whether you want to leave feedback on a part of the page, the page as a whole, or create a short video.

Easier filtering and sorting of tasks from the sidebar

Who thought filtering and sorting feedback could be fun? Us, that’s who. (Yes, we’re aware that we should get out more in 2023.)

If you were finding it difficult to see the related pin for a specific task in a sea of pins, we’ve got your back. Clicking on a task and the corresponding pin increases in size to show the exact location.

Task list a little too long? Click This page to see tasks just on one page, or click All to view all tasks across the entire website. 

Tap the person icon and view only the tasks you’ve created or have been assigned. 

Or sort the tasks you’re looking at by severity, creation date, who they’re assigned to or by status.

Filter and sort by date created

View just the information you want, when you want it.

Sharing the love for mobile devices

Better mobile feedback

You were definitely not alone wanting a little love for BugHerd on mobile devices. The shorter sidebar makes it easier to leave feedback without needing to stretch your thumbs out of joint and the sorting and filtering fit more neatly onto a mobile or cell phone screen.

Want a refresher on the new sidebar experience? Check out this short video.

Let guests see feedback left by members

We didn’t need an army of elves to tell us you’d like to assign a task to a guest for review. You told us loud and clear.

Guest users can now view and respond to tasks created by members, if you want them to. Enabling the guest viewing features lets you @mention guests in comments so they can view the task and respond. Perfect for that final User Acceptance testing phase before launch.

Switch tasks to be visible to Members & Guests

Direct Integrations with Jira, Trello and Asana

We also heard you wanted to be able to better integrate with Jira, Trello and Asana. Currently in Beta, our direct integrations enable you to choose when and how you send tasks to other project management programs.

Try the new direct integrations for Jira, Asana and Trello

Recent updates mean you can also send tasks to a particular Jira Epic or Asana Section.

Keen to try it out for yourself? Send us a note at support@bugherd.com and we’ll help you get started.

Master BugHerd with some hints & tips from others

Want to know how to move the BugHerd tab from the bottom right corner of your site, or learn how to use tags better? Check out the bite-sized BugHerd video series where you’ll find tips and answers to questions from other BugHerd users.

Better security with Single Sign On

Improve the security of your BugHerd account with Single Sign On (or SSO). Use your existing log in information such as a google account or your existing work email to sign into BugHerd and make it easier for you and your team to log in. Bonus! 

Simplify security and sign in with Single Sign On

This new feature is available for Deluxe or Enterprise plans as an add-on. Please contact us at support@bugherd.com if you’re interested in adding this feature to your account. 

Fresh customer stories to inspire you

BugHerd customers are truly the best! We've loved being able to share how amazing you all are. Check out our latest from Testmate, Australia's largest UX Research Agency and Leading Shopify & Shopify Plus agency, Charle.

Holiday reading with BugHerd's revamped blog

The BugHerd blog has had a glamorous make-over. Plus, there's a whole new range of interesting articles.

Whether you're looking for a new portfolio website, a simple guide to User Acceptance Testing or Free Bug Reporting templates, we've got you covered.

Actually, all we want for Christmas is

You… to keep sharing what you love about BugHerd and your feedback around what you’d like to see that would make BugHerd even better.

We’re preparing for a big 2023 and we’re always guided by what you, our customers and users, tell us is important.

We look forward to some great chats and emails with you in the new year. For now, we wish you a very happy festive season and a well-earned few days off.

Happy BugHerding to you all.

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