Effective Strategies for Managing Non-Technical Clients through Web Development Projects

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Successful Client Engagement: Learn key strategies to keep clients informed and involved, ensuring their needs are met and expectations managed.

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Balancing Form and Function: Explore strategies to navigate the delicate balance between UX and design aesthetics, ensuring a harmonious user experience.

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Managing Different Types of Teams: Understand the nuances of working with corporate, boutique, and ensemble teams to leverage their unique strengths.

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Transparency Tools: Discover tools that provide transparent information flow to your clients, enhancing trust and communication.

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Deep Dive Approvals: Understand why quick approvals might be a red flag and how to engage clients in meaningful feedback to refine project outcomes.


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Date: Thursday, June 13 2024

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Time: 4pm ET

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Duration: 45 min

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Webinar overview

Managing non-technical clients, whether from corporate giants, small businesses, or ensemble teams, can be challenging.

Each type of client brings unique expectations and levels of understanding about the technical aspects of web development, which can significantly impact project management and communication strategies.

Join BugHerd CEO and former agency owner, Stephen Neville as he chats to experienced software engineer and IT consultant, Scott Kallen, who has been working in the development of web applications for 20+ years.

Together they will explore proven strategies to enhance client relations, manage team dynamics, and steer projects towards success. 

Who should attend this webinar?

If you work in the website and software development industry tasked with client-facing roles, you will greatly benefit from this session.

• Web Developers
• Project Managers
• Team Leaders

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from a seasoned website development expert with years of experience managing both large and small projects.

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Stephen Neville, CEO of Bug Tracking Software BugHerd


IT Consultant

Scott Kallen is a highly experienced IT consultant based in the Greater Chicago Area.

He specializes in providing technology solutions that enhance business operations and improve efficiency. With a strong background in various IT disciplines, Scott has worked with a range of clients to implement systems that address their specific needs.

His expertise include application development, network infrastructure, cybersecurity, cloud services, and IT project management in general.Scott is known for his problem-solving skills and his ability to tailor solutions to meet unique business challenges.

For more information, visit Scott’s LinkedIn profile​.

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Stephen Neville, CEO of Bug Tracking Software BugHerd


CEO @ BugHerd

Stephen (Steve) Neville, former Advertising Executive, and Founder of leading application development agency CommonCode, has more than 2 decades of marketing and tech leadership under his belt.

With experience on both the client and agency side, working with some of Australia's largest brands, Steve brings a wealth of digital strategy and communications experience with him to the BugHerd team.

Steve has expertly led the BugHerd team to achieve record growth numbers in both users and team members. What’s his plan B? Joining the Olympic Kayaking team!

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