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You think it’s tough pitching your brand-new startup to a room full of sceptical, knowledgeable industry experts, angels and venture capitalists? Try warming up that same crowd with some clever, funny satirical rap. DJ Real is a great performer and Alan and Matt from the Bugherd team thought he was hilarious, but it seemed like everybody had their Serious Hats on when DJ Real entertained the troops during the first of Silicon Valley incubator 500Startups two-day Demo Days. It was time to sort the digital wheat from the online chaff and spend some serious money on backing the best of the class.


In the foreground, looking nervous, co-founder Alan Downie. Up in front of the projector screen, co-founder Matt, doing the Bugherd rap. Original photo by the most generous Drake Martinet of

The Demo Days were broadcast live at and the on-demand version is below. DJ Real’s 500Startups isn’t online yet but there’s a sample of his musical comedy stylings at the end of this post.

Fellow 500Startups alum Ray Chan from Singboard is described as “some kind of genius” by Alan and Matt and he got a lot of laughs during his pitch for Singboard, but who wouldn’t find it funny that so many people are interested in internet karaoke? Here’s an interview and demo Ray did with AllThingsDigital recently.

Alan and Matt are representing Bugherd at Demo Days because Bugherd is one of several non-US startups graduating from the summer program of the 500Startups incubator.

Matt did really well with his presentation, and while it’s hard to get people laughing a lot about tracking bugs in web development projects, he did get a lot of solid interest in both the product and the company from those present, as well as media and social media covering the event.

Between you and us and, uh, the internet, we’re much more excited about the signups and reactions to Bugherd we’re getting from designers, developers, product managers, marketers and startup CEOs. Our customers matter most, and it’s so cool to hear from you, so say hi to @bugherd if you have a moment and let us know what you think of the product.


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