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Collect, collaborate and communicate on visual feedback wherever you work.
It’s like sticky notes on a website.

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Contextualise feedback

Get direct feedback

Request visual feedback from clients via the point and click browser extension.

The app sits on top of your website. Feedback is pinned to the issue, like a sticky-note, enabling the developer to access it directly from the webpage.

Find exactly what you’re looking for

Manage tasks visually

The BugHerd sidebar gives you the power of a fully-featured bug tracking tool.

Change ownership, status, due dates, attach files, or add comments directly on the page. See your full task list and those of the entire team at a glance.

Keep your team on track

Share and collaborate remotely

No matter where they work, get feedback from clients and team members remotely.

No more confusing back and forth emails with multiple change requests. Feedback is sent directly to the kanban board.

It's awesome! So much better than clients sending a Word doc trying to explain all of their issues.
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