Collect and manage website feedback

A simple point-and-click website feedback tool with automatic screenshots and metadata.
It’s like sticky notes on a website.

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Feedback and bugs that can be pinpointed and replicated.
Every. Single. Time.

Replicating bugs can be tricky and vague feedback can be frustrating, especially when it's hidden in long email chains or spreadsheets.
BugHerd can help by making feedback: 

  • Visual: Includes a screenshot with annotations.
  • Contextual: Pinned directly to the element or page the issue appears on
  • Technical: Includes information about the browser, OS, CSS selector data & more
  • Timely: Feedback and bugs can be submitted with severity and assigned instantly

Turn this...

Client feedback in emails

Into this...

BugHerd Bug Tracking Task Screenshot

Project Management without the headache...

Fat Media image
- Garry Tattersall
Fat Media Ecommerce and QA Manager
Without BugHerd, there'd definitely have been some lengthy phone calls with the client to explain exactly what they wanted to change!

Fat Media's 100+ strong digital agency team can't imagine life without BugHerd. Almost everyone in the company has a hand in herding bugs, from developers through project managers to designers.

Get actionable feedback without the follow up...

Contextualise feedback

Make it easy to provide feedback

The BugHerd sidebar provides a simple way for the less technical clients to provide feedback on websites.

BugHerd will pin the info to the issue, like a sticky-note, enabling access directly from the page at any time via the extension.

Find exactly what you’re looking for

Solve bugs faster with technical information

BugHerd captures the technical information to help your team replicate bugs and respond to issues.

All tasks include broswer and operating system information, and make it easy for comments between team members.

BugHerd sidebar

Triage feedback like a champion

Spend less time wading through confusing and inconsistent emails or convoluted spreadsheets.

Contextual feedback is sent to a central Task Board for easy sorting and assignment. Track the progress of tasks from creation to completion.

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