Why settle for silver when you can BugHerd?

Make collaboration with your clients simple. Give them an easy way to leave clear & valuable feedback on websites and other digital projects. Fewer hurdles = better projects, happier clients and a more relaxed account director. Ahhh!

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Michelle T

Marketing Trainer

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“When my clients are launching websites it’s like herding cats, trying to get all the departments tracking their bugs and submitting them and without BugHerd it’s a real pain!”

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Ross Adamson

Marketing Executive

“Our developers seem a lot more happy and we’ve managed to deliver projects about 20-30% quicker when we’re fully utilising the BugHerd platform.”

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Jesse G

Creative Director

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“BugHerd has streamlined our client review & feedback process. We're solving a lot of the back and forth that happens with clients, and the endless rounds of review”.

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How does BugHerd help?

Forget spreadsheets and emails for feedback. With BugHerd you can point and click on the screen to leave feedback exactly where you want.

Technical feedback from non-technical clients.

BugHerd captures the information you need to resolve problems fast. Forget the back and forth. Enjoy first time fixes for everything.
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Centralise all feedback from your team and clients in one place.

Triage, assign, comment and tag feedback in BugHerd’s kanban board, or integrate it straight into tools you already use. Simple!
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