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BugHerd is a alternative that allows you to collect and fix website feedback and track bugs, even from technical folk.

Like putting a sticky-note on a website, BugHerd gives actionable, contextual feedback. Complete with metadata like a screenshot, browser, OS and CSS selector data.

BugHerd Visual Website Feedback

From confusing notes...

Client feedback in emails

To clear feedback

BugHerd Bug Tracking Task Screenshot

Manage feedback and fix bugs from start to completion.
No other software required.

All in one solution

Track and resolve bugs from start to finish within the BugHerd system. No need to pay for and maintain multiple tools.

Contextual feedback

Like using a sticky-note, BugHerd pins the feedback (and comments) directly onto the page element in question.

Customisable workflow

Add, edit, reorder and delete columns on your Kanban board to work how you want to work.

Automatic screenshots (without a browser extension)

The only feedback tool that captures accurate screenshots, without the need for browser extensions or a mobile app install.

No client install required

Perfect for those less than technical clients. Simply embed a few lines of JavaScript to get feedback without installing BugHerd.

Integrate with your favourite tools

Want to send your feedback or bugs to an external project management system? No problemo! We integrate with more than 1500 apps via Zapier.

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Sasha Shevelev
Webcoda Co-Founder
"Before BugHerd, clients would try to send screenshots with scribbles we couldn't decipher or emails with issues we were often unable to recreate."

Instead of spending hours on back and forth emails and phone calls, Webcoda avoids having the “but it works on my computer” conversation by including BugHerd early into the feedback process.

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