Use BugHerd to get visual feedback on wireframes

One of the most requested BugHerd features we get is the ability to receive customer feedback on wireframes, not just web feedback. Wireframes are really the first point in the design process where you have something tangible to show a customer or client. When you think about it, it’s a perfect place to introduce BugHerd. The earlier you start the conversation, the less likely issues will arise later in the process.

This is something we’re working on addressing, and you could say that this is a small step, even if we’re not the ones doing it!

Axure RP is a popular wireframe and prototyping tool used by UX professionals and project managers to present wireframes to their clients. It  turns designs into working HTML and javascript that allows you to interact with your mockups in a browser. You can host that HTML yourself or you can use their AxShare system to publish your projects online. If you haven’t already joined the dots here, this makes it an obvious fit for BugHerd.

We have a lot of BugHerd users already using Axure for their mockups, so we thought we’d share some simple steps to get BugHerd running on your Axure mockups.


Step 1: In AxureShare, select the design project you’d like to get feedback on


Step 2: Select “Plugins”


Step 3: Click “New Plugin”


Step 4: Add your BugHerd JS script (the same as you’d add to your HTML page)


Step 5: Select which pages you’d like to add BugHerd to. Choose ALL and “add to new pages by default” to ensure you can feedback on all your pages.



Step 6: Start getting feedback on your designs! Too easy!

About Alan - Alan Downie has been working in web for over 20 years. Alan was the founder of Fivesecondtest, UsabilityHub and BugHerd. He participated in the Startmate (Australia) and 500 Startups (US) accelerator programs, before becoming a mentor at partner at Startmate. He recently launched Splitrock Studio, a startup studio based in Melbourne, Australia.