Renewing our focus

Renewing our focus

We thought we should let you know about some changes in the BugHerd world.

Stephen Neville


November 8, 2018


We thought we should let you know about some changes in the BugHerd world.

It has been a slow couple of years on the product development front - which will come as little surprise to those of you who have been with us for a while.

The reasons for this are myriad and we will share them in more detail when the opportunity presents itself. But for now, the only thing that matters is that we are here with renewed focus, working behind the scenes to make BugHerd a better product.

You may have received a survey or two over the last few months. To those of you who responded, thank you!

It is humbling to see the quality of feedback we get when we reach out and ask for your thoughts. We are very lucky to have such an engaged user base so thank you for your feedback and for your continued support.

Your responses have been amazing in helping us define & prioritise the things we need to do to make your lives that little bit easier. Of course, if you find these surveys intrusive at all then let us know and we can ensure you don’t see one again.

It’s the beginning of the journey (again) and we are excited to be on it.

As a final note, we have set up a Customer Experience program to include you as much as possible in improving BugHerd. If you have an interest in participating we would love to hear from you - drop a line to richard@bugherd.com.

Thanks again,
The BugHerd Team

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