Meet Thuy: Chief of Staff @ BugHerd

Meet Thuy: Chief of Staff @ BugHerd

We couldn't live without Thuy and her broad range of behind-the-scenes tasks. At BugHerd since the beginning and partner to our fearless CEO, Meet Thuy ...

Chanie Hyde


June 1, 2015

Bugherd office | Thuy Downie Macropod Profile

Thuy is one of the most important people to work at Splitrock Studio, since she is in charge of how stocked with milk and coca-cola the fridge is. Beverages notwithstanding, we couldn’t live without Thuy and her broad range of behind-the-scenes tasks. Having been with Splitrock Studio since the beginning, and partner to our fearless CEO Alan, Meet Thuy …

Tell us a little about you?

I met Splitrock Studio’s Supreme Leader on a bulletin board at uni many, many moons ago (so old school) and after acing our multimedia project, we hung out, got hitched, built a house, started a web company, entered the start up space and created two very noisy children.

How long have you been in the biz?

I have watched the company grow from two dudes programming in our home office to a team of twelve in a swish office. I looked after all the behind-the-scenes stuff that’s required to get a start-up going: bank applications, paying bills, paper shuffling, etc…Prior to this, I was the web content administrator for an investment firm, a cinema chain and a car company.

What is your role at Splitrock Studio?

My main job is to look after the books and banking, but I also do a bit of HR and office admin too. It is also imperative that I keep the fridge stocked with Coke.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The variety keeps things interesting. I get a kick out of my books balancing, ticking stuff off my endless list and doing little things to make sure our staff are happy and productive.

Anything you dislike?

My job involves a lot of organization and relying on others to do stuff. And when they are slow about it, it makes me a bit *hulksmash*. Banks, I’m pointing my finger at you.

Why did you want to work for Splitrock Studio?

After a few years working from home, I forgot how to be social and talk to actual people to their actual faces. So it has been nice being in a fun environment with cool people and doing my little bit for the company.

Grand plans for the future?

Just to make sure my kiddies are alive, fed, clean and their homework is done. Work wise, I intend to continue supporting Splitrock Studio however I can with the time that I have. Maybe one day when I have a lightbulb moment, I’ll start a start up of my own!

What is your favourite industry site to surf?

Sometimes I find useful things on showbiz section of the Daily Mail…

If you weren’t doing this job what would you be doing?

I’d probably be at home in my sweatpants shopping online or playing Nintendo.

What are you famous for?

Apparently I’m famous for bringing Nutella donuts to the office. I should do it more often to win friends.

You can find Thuy’s book on “How to win friends with Nutella Donuts” at all leading booksellers 😉

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