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We’re number 1 Over the last two months BugHerd has been featured in both .net and Offscreen magazines. As readers and fans of both we can’t overstate how excited we are to be covered by publications we admire.

BugHerd was first featured in .net’s round up new web development tools for November 2012, and then topped the Top 20 web development tools of 2012.

Offscreen, for those of you not familiar, is a magazine that focuses on the people who design and build digital products. My co-founder Alan and myself were interviewed about some of the challenges we’ve faced building BugHerd and gave some tips for other folks building their own products and web development tools. You can see a preview of our article here and you can order your own copy on the Offscreen website.

Lastly, thank you for helping make BugHerd what it is today. We’re grateful for having some of the most loyal and passionate users behind us and we have even more awesome stuff planned for you in 2013.

Onwards and upwards!

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