Product Updates to BugHerd – June 2019

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We’ve been busy!

A whole bunch of changes have been ticking over since we updated you last about the new streamlined way to invite guests and users.

Here’s what’s new at BugHerd…

Saving some space

You can now switch between the standard screenshot view and a new slimline view in BugHerd, plus other minor screenshot functionality updates.

Read the full update on screenshots here.

A new sidebar toggle

When BugHerd appears, it will show a loading indicator affectionately known as the “spinny thing”. This spinny thing will persist until the website has finished loading.

There’s also a spiffy new look and the ability to adjust the vertical position of the sidebar!

Find out more about the sidebar updates here.

A simpler way to invite users

Since launching our updated invite & on-boarding experience it’s been great to hear all your awesome feedback. One thing that a few of you told us was that it wasn’t super clear how to add existing Team members to a project with the new Share Project screen. So we’ve made some changes to this screen that we hope will simplify this a lot.

Consistent keyboard shortcuts

We’ve made our keyboard shortcuts for submitting tasks & comments the same.

To submit a Task or Comment just press Command + Enter (Mac) or CTRL + Enter (Windows/Linux). 🙌

We use Beamer to send in-app notifications to our customers without being too distracting or spammy. You can read the ongoing list of updates in Beamer here.

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