Developers! Convince your Boss to get BugHerd

Developers! Convince your Boss to get BugHerd

Are you a sole web developer or designer, and using BugHerd in an organization? BugHerd keeps track of all web issues and requests, read more ...

Tom Pisel


January 23, 2013

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Are you a sole web developer or designer, and using BugHerd in an organization? For single users, BugHerd keeps track of all web issues and requests, as well as providing a channel to give and receive feedback from co-workers, clients and site users. However, you might not know that BugHerd really shines in a team. Beyond intuitive and powerful website annotation, BugHerd is a fully fledged bug tracker with assignability, prioritization and more! This is helpful guide to letting your boss know how awesome BugHerd is for any web development team.

What do they want?

Firstly, your boss is concerned about different benefits BugHerd offers than you are, as a designer or developer. From what we've been told, designers love the clean, point and click interface, and the ability to jump straight to where graphical tweaks and feedback is located on the site. Developers love not having to keep track of email marathons querying browser version and window size, as BugHerd captures all this information automatically. Your boss is more likely concerned with how BugHerd will affect the bottom line and the quality of the final product.

More time = more productive

It's not too hard to work out that BugHerd will give back its worth many times over. You, and hopefully your boss, understand that much (if not most) of your time is not spent in development or design, but in communication. Answering emails, conferring with other developers or designers on aesthetic choices or functionality are all necessary for creating a quality website. BugHerd ensures quick and effective communication and information availability. Time previously spent saving, editing and uploading screenshots (and then finding them again) will now be used to build websites more efficiently. Your boss can do much more, with the same number of designers and developers.


More reports = better website

As BugHerd's method of creating comprehensive issue reports is little more than point and click, don't be surprised if you see more issues being raised than before. This is no bad thing. In fact, it indicates that the previous feedback process was just too difficult to deal with. Your testers, users or clients just aren't bothered voicing their smaller concerns, and so they mostly go unheard. In this way, BugHerd will let you build websites that are of far higher quality.

Workflow visibility

Your boss will need to make strategic decisions about the website or sites you are working on. BugHerd will allow them to see every issue lodgedbetween developers and designers, and feedback from clients and testers. At any time on any project, anyone with the right permissions can see every aspect of the team's workflow. This is invaluable to any manager of a development team as it gives them an accurate impression of how the project is progressing.

Made for web developers, by web developers

BugHerd is designed, unlike other issue trackers, for web development teams, and web development teams only. There are a unique set of problems encountered in creating websites that simply aren't addressed in generic, one-size-fits-all trackers (even after you've bought the countless add-ons to make up for it). Of course, we understand you may already use general-purpose project management software or bug trackers. To solve this, BugHerd is easily integrated with any of the leading solutions, like JIRA or Basecamp, so you can use its powerful toolset as part of your existing workflow.


Show your boss around

If your boss is still on the fence, compromise! We want as many people as possible to give BugHerd a try, so we let any team use the product for one month free, with no obligations. Get your whole team on board and start logging bugs and your boss will see the value before the first week is up. If you've used BugHerd's free single user plan, invite your boss on as a guest. Have them use the tool to give feedback on some works in progress, then show them how their reports can now be actioned in your workflow.

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