Frequently Asked Support Questions and Answers - updated August '20

Frequently Asked Support Questions and Answers - updated August '20

We’ve rounded up our most commonly asked support questions and answered them here.

Merrin Hughes


August 5, 2020

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We’ve rounded up our most commonly asked support questions and answered them here. Thanks to everyone who has logged a support request or taken a look at our Knowledge Base over the past few months. 

For those of you who haven't done either, you can check out our full directory of support questions here.

Why is the BugHerd browser extension taking a long time to load?

Sometimes when you load a webpage, it feels like the BugHerd browser extension is taking longer than normal to load. There’s a simple reason for this. The browser extension waits until your webpage is fully loaded before displaying the sidebar.

Find out more about whether this is affecting your site here.

What browsers can I install the BugHerd Browser Extension on?

Guests and members of your team can access the BugHerd sidebar to give feedback two ways. Either by installing a javascript snippet (see below) or via a browser extension.

Browser extensions are available for: 

How do I install the script on my website?

Embedding the BugHerd javascript snippet into your site is the recommended way of using BugHerd, and removes the need for your guests and members of your project to install browser extensions.

Here’s how to embed the script in your site.

The BugHerd sidebar isn’t appearing on my site. Help!

There are usually a couple of common reasons why the sidebar might not be appearing or taking time to load. We have a list of possible causes and how to troubleshoot and fix them in our Knowledge Base here

  1. Installing the script
  2. Why am I seeing a “No Project for this URL” message?
  3. How do I log a bug?
  4. What’s the difference between Members, Guests and other User roles?
  5. Why is BugHerd blocked from loading on my website?

Can I connect BugHerd to other tools I use? 

BugHerd integrates with a range of other solutions. Connect directly with Slack, GitHub or Basecamp or use the Zapier integration to connect to Jira, Trello, Asana, Freedcamp and over 1500 other tools. 

You’ll find links to how to set up these integrations here

If you can’t find what you’re looking to connect with, let us know via this survey

Looking for something more? BugHerd’s own API documentation can help you set up your own integration.

I want to export a list of bugs from BugHerd

See the "Project Settings" menu (⚙️) just below your Project name? Click that and choose “export bugs”. Then follow the prompts to decide what format you’d like the file and what boards you want to export, then we’ll email you the file as soon as it’s ready!

The knowledge base article with a bit more info can be found here.

How do I sort the Task Board to show only tasks that I care about?

This topic comes up all the time. Sorting through the Task Board is really straightforward, and super necessary when working as part of a large team.  

How to sort your BugHerd task board: 

  • Click your user icon in the Members section
  •  This will display the bugs with your name on it. 
  • There are a couple of ways to sort and locate tickets by Guest and/or Tag
  • By name: Click the appropriate name to display relevant tickets
  • By tag: Click one of the tags in the Tag section.

The Search Bar also operates in a similar fashion – click the search bar and start typing to search via text. Simples.

Why am I seeing a “no BugHerd project for this URL” error message?

When you visit a website, the BugHerd browser extension checks to see if the URL matches any projects that you have access to in BugHerd. It’s possible to get the below error message, but it’s usually easy to fix. Find out how to troubleshoot and fix this error in this handy article.

How do I invite users to BugHerd? 

BugHerd works better with friends! In fact, around 70% of our users get feedback and bug reports from external clients. You’ll need to invite them to join the party. Here’s how:

  1. Invite users to a project
  2. Invite users to your BugHerd Team

What’s the difference between a member, a guest and a manager?

There’s a few different ways to invite others to collaborate with you on your website project. Most of the time, your core team would be members, which means they can provide feedback, view and edit all tasks on the Task Board, pretty much anything except create new projects or manage Billing and Account Settings and user access.

Guests can provide feedback, view tasks they’ve created and receive email notifications about tasks they’ve created.

More information about the differences can be found in this support article.

Why am I not getting email alerts?

You can determine the amount and frequency of email alerts and notifications from the Settings menu under Notifications. Make sure you have selected to receive notifications when Tasks are updated and Projects are Updated.

If you're still not getting email alerts, even with these enabled, you can log a support request with support@bugherd.com and we'll take a look for you.

Why didn’t my screenshot work? 

Screenshots are a pretty big reason why people love BugHerd. A picture tells 1000 words right? 

There can be a few reasons why a screenshot wasn't able to be captured alongside the feedback, here’s a handy article to troubleshoot and fix this issue.

Help me BugHerd! How to get in touch.

The quickest way to get in touch with us is via email at support@bugherd.com. We aim to get back to people within 24 hours. We’re based in Melbourne, Australia, so if you’re on the other side of the world we may not be able to answer immediately, but we’re pretty quick!

You can mention or message us on Twitter @bugherd. If it’s something we can answer in 280 characters, we’ll do it right there and then. 

Or you can search our full directory of support questions and answers. 

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