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Kiwi Digital Creative is a small but mighty digital agency specialising in websites, web applications, mobile apps and creative digital projects. We spoke with Phil Benoit from KiwiDC about how BugHerd fits into their web project management process.

BugHerd and web project management –

BugHerd fits in with our project management processes right from the start. When the work is scheduled to start I fire up a Virtual Private Server in the cloud, one for each client. I then create a project in BitBucket and add the new project into BugHerd. For all of my staging environments I provide a basic introduction about the project, along with project updates, links to templates and the Content Management System site, and provide a short intro to BugHerd and link to the How to Guides section of the BugHerd site.

While I am building out the wireframes or designs I am often logging bugs and feature improvements for myself into the project. It’s great that I can keep all issues or improvements relating to the code in one place. As more and more projects come in and I start expanding my team, I know I can add more users, invite more guests and generally get a more accurate appreciation of the project’s quality.

On using BugHerd with clients –

I generally have a rule when giving my customers something to use, “Can my mum use it?” If it’s too much effort or it’s too time consuming to use correctly you’re not getting the whole picture. Everything must be simple and easy to use, BugHerd fits that requirement.



When I open up the server for client review I often get one or two bugs with “testing” or “this is fun” written in. My clients really like using the product and in turn I get a really good appreciation of the environment they are using for testing.


I used to work in a large agency in London where we had a different bug tracker. Almost every bug report required you to follow up with a request for more details, either about location of the issue on the page, the testing environment or something else that BugHerd already provides for me out of the box.

““BugHerd is great for providing bug reports with accurate and relevant information that other bug trackers just don’t provide out of the box.””

— Phil Benoit – KiwiDC

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