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This month’s featured client is a long standing BugHerd customer who have been incredibly helpful to us when we want to sense check new features and enhancements and always provide us with excellent client feedback.


Evolution 7

Evolution 7 is a full service digital agency based in Melbourne, with a proven track record and over 10 years in operation.  Every day, their team of talented people create awesome experiences across a variety of platforms and applications, connecting users to brands across the digital landscape. Every project brings a unique story, and they specialise in bespoke and customised solutions that meet users’ needs. Evolution 7 deliver expertise across design & UX, development, and digital strategy.

With clients ranging from well-known Australian corporates and international brands to non-profit organisations, boutique consultancies and startups they partner with clients in a closely collaborative model, and build relationships for mutual success, delivering solid results and return on investment.

Mack Nevill talks about how Evolution 7 and BugHerd…

Why do you use BugHerd?

It trumps all the other options we’ve tried to manage the flow of tasks across team members when putting the final polish to a project, particularly for frontend and UX-related work. The ability to quickly and accurately report bugs and assign to a team member for action makes for an efficient process as well as reducing ambiguity about what needs to be done.

Bugherd has also provided our clients with an easy way to provide feedback, even if they are not shared within the Bugherd project. This has meant that there are fewer barriers between our team and the multiple contact points within our clients organisation. Feedback can be pinpointed to the exact issue on the page, which means we no longer waste time trying to resolve issues by deciphering screenshots and ambiguous client emails.

What do you rate about BugHerd?

We tried various other bug tracking tools however they often have more complex interfaces and are built more for a more technical audience. We love –

  • The ability to isolate an issue or bug to a very specific location on a page in a single click – no more long-winded and detailed directions to a developer about where to look!
  • Drop-in javascript solution makes it easy to deploy to staging or live environments
  • A great task-board interface that makes it easy for everyone on a project to see what’s already been reported and identify what each person needs to action.
  • Tags allow for the categorisation of tasks and a quick overview on what needs to be done

Any improvements you’d like us to consider? 

  • Customisable labels for columns so we can tweak workflow to our liking 🙂
  • Would be great if the task cards showed who had reported the issue

BugHerd note: Both of these improvements are in progress and are slated for completion with a bunch of other enhancements in 2014… stay tuned.

Want to be a Featured Client?

We’re always keen to find out how you use our product and we’re more than happy to give you a shout out on our blog. As always we take into account any of the improvements you suggest as they help BugHerd continue to stay your preferred bug tracker and client feedback tool. Give us a shout on twitter @bugherd or email at support@bugherd.com to have a chat.

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