BugHerd 2021: new feature review!

BugHerd 2021: new feature review!

BugHerd review of new features for 2021. Check out all the great new features in BugHerd delivered this year.

Merrin Hughes


December 13, 2021

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Honestly, if you’re like me, you’d be happy to watch 2021 disappear from your rear-view mirror in a cloud of dust and some tyre screeching, but before then – let’s take a moment to take a quick glance over all the new features in BugHerd in 2021. Good way to check that you haven’t missed anything that might help you and your clients better manage website feedback for 2022.

Hit it!

Partner Program Launched!!

The BugHerd partner program has launched. You can now be rewarded for sharing your love of BugHerd with others. Sign up, recommend BugHerd to others and we’ll reward you with 20% commission for the lifetime of their subscription. Go on – Share the love!

Video Feedback

One of your most requested features landed this year. Create short walkthroughs of feedback and bugs, with or without audio. It’s the easy way to leave feedback on multi-step interactions, animations or anything that is difficult to describe with written words alone.

Personalised Dashboard

Working out what to prioritise each day for the projects you’re working on got easier with BugHerd’s Dashboard. Check on tasks you’ve reported, find what’s been assigned to you and instantly see comments you need to respond to.

Filter and sort by due date, project name or Task ID and then seamlessly tick off each task. Simples.

Fresh new Dashboard filtering

Extending the usefulness of the Dashboard was something you were asking for! New Dashboard filters made it easier to navigate your dashboard. Adding Description, Project, Status and Severity as additional filters made it even easier to get the important tasks ticked off each day.

New feedback experience

5 small, but significant changes were included in the revamped Feedback experience:

  1. Who doesn’t love Shortcuts? @mention someone to assign them to a task, add an emoji or ## to tag tasks. It’s the little things that make daily jobs easier.
  2. My personal favourite, you can now move the window around, which makes it easier to uncover the text beneath it. Thanks team!
  3. The feedback pop up is smaller and cleaner, with a little more polish on the assignee and tag fields.
  4. A more obvious annotation button means everyone can now mark up screenshots when required.
  5. Last, but definitely not least, it’s easier to create tasks on smart phones with a better mobile experience.

Safari Extension

That’s right Safari lovers, there’s a BugHerd browser extension just for you. Same great BugHerd experience, on your favourite browser.

Simpler URL management for projects

List all the URLs you want BugHerd to be available on for each project, add, remove and edit URLs more easily. Swap the Order of URLs for a project, so you can direct clients to the relevant page to give feedback easily. Setting up new projects in BugHerd has never been easier.

BugHerd works in more places – wider variety of URL formats

Embracing our inner nerds we got a bit technical with this, but the upside is that BugHerd is now more usable across more projects.
You can include querystring parameters, hashes, unicode characters, and subdomains when setting up your project’s Website URL. This is particularly handy if you have several BugHerd projects on the same website.

Task indicators on My Projects

Check how many open tasks are in each of your projects on the My Projects page. Each project has an indicator in the top corner.

Disable and delete projects

Finished with a project and want to remove it from your My Projects page? Click the ellipses (…) in the bottom right corner of the project to disable or delete is from your view. So satisfying.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported BugHerd through 2021. We’ve loved getting your feedback, organising interviews with you, hearing what you love and sometimes what you don’t love about BugHerd. We think it’s a privilege to have such amazing clients who are so passionate about website feedback and bug tracking.

Looking forward to hearing from you all in 2022. Remember, we’re always available at support@bugherd.com

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