BlueChilli - on open and honest client communication via BugHerd.

BlueChilli - on open and honest client communication via BugHerd.

BlueChilli™ have been customers and avid fans of BugHerd for more than 2.5 years … in Startup years that’s like 1 million! Read more ...

Chanie Hyde


June 3, 2014

Bugherd case study||

BlueChilli™ have been customers and avid fans of BugHerd for more than 2.5 years … in Startup years that’s like 1 million! We had a chat with Tony Burrett the COO of BlueChilli to find out a bit on their development processes and how BugHerd fits in.BlueChilli is all about developing web products, where does BugHerd fit in?BugHerd is essential to the way we manage digital production. At any one time we have up to 18 projects all in different stages of development, and BugHerd is the only tool we use to track and record issues from start to finish. Almost anything that's done on a project is recorded and tracked within BugHerd.Is there a particular stage of the process you find the greatest value in BugHerd?We use BugHerd all the way through the process and as most users would know it really comes into its own when a client is providing feedback and UAT on a website nearing completion.One way we use BugHerd differently from many others is that we provide our clients full member access so that they have complete transparency over the entire development process. As their project goes forward the client can see exactly what progress we are making on a project. It keeps our communication open and honest across our entire team and our clients.Your clients range from Startups to large Corporate clients, do you find BugHerd more suitable for one or the other?Not really. we find that clients, whether they be corporate or startups, tend to learn BugHerd rather more quickly than other tools. There’s rarely an issue getting them to work with BugHerd. At the end of the day the fact that they can simply point and click on their product to create an issue and say “this is not right, can you fix that”, that’s where BugHerd comes into its own.We’ve actually created a guide for our clients on “How to create a good bug”, we’ve found it to be really helpful to give to both corporate and startup founders. That combined with BugHerd’s digital interface we find works really well.Any improvements?

  • Allow for editing of comments, if you make a mistake in the comments we’d like to be able to go back and change it (BugHerd note: This update is coming!)
  • A better dashboard. We have a lot of projects and currently it’s a bit of a burden to check on each project individually. A view of our inactive bugs within this would also be great for our project managers, then we can see if a particular project has stalled and needs a push.  (BugHerd note: This one is also something we’re working on)
  • Better control over the notifications. Sometimes it’s easy to get a bit lost in them all. It would be good to be able to turn these on and off as we need.  (BugHerd note: 3 for 3! This is also happening)
“A simple and contextual issue tracker. We love it and our clients love it.”

— Tony Burrett, COO BlueChilli


BlueChilli™ is a technology and software development company that creates online web applications and invests the software development in online start-ups – an investment strategy called Venture Technology.

The company was founded by Sydney based weapons engineer Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin who left a ten year career in the Navy to pursue his passion in working with startups. Eckersley-Maslin leads an agile team of software engineers, web developers, graphic designers and business gurus who are experienced in the rapid delivery and marketing of online businesses. The BlueChilli™ team is complemented by marketing, SEO, SEM and video production affiliations who promote each new business.

The key advantage of a Venture Technology partnership with BlueChilli is that the investment is the software development and the development team are embedded in the start-up. Any raised capital can therefore be used in marketing, a strategy which ultimately results in faster growth.

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