A new invite experience for your clients & team members

A new invite experience for your clients & team members

In exciting news we have released a new experience for sharing projects with your clients (guests) and new team members.

Stephen Neville


April 16, 2019


In exciting news we have released a new experience for sharing projects with your clients (guests) and new team members. BugHerd is software that's perfect for collaborating with users, so it makes sense to give them a great experience!

The short version:

  • Guests will now setup a password for better reliability
  • We have improved our on-boarding experience for guests and team members
  • The UI to invite users is cleaner and more intuitive

To see it in action, take a look at this quick walkthrough of the new experience.


For the full story about what’s changing, and why, see below.

So what’s changed?

There are 3 main changes to be aware of.

Guests will now setup a password

When you invite Guests to give feedback on your Project they will be asked to register a BugHerd password. This will help to provide a more reliable and consistent experience for your clients. You can read more on this in the “Why the change” section below.

New user on-boarding experience

New Guests & Members are now guided through the process of getting started with BugHerd. This on-boarding experience will take them through;

  • Setting up their BugHerd account & password
  • Installing the BugHerd Browser Extension (if needed for your project)
  • A short introductory video on how to use BugHerd, you can watch it here.

A new UI to invite users

We’ve updated the UI for inviting Guests & Members to your Project or Team. It’s a small change to bring the UI up to date and remove some of the quirks. We hope you like it.

More broadly this is the first step in a series of initiatives we have planned to improve the client/guest experience. As we know, clients are important people after all!

Why the change?

Up until now, inviting guests and team members to your BugHerd Projects meant dropping them straight into the product with limited onboarding from our side. This often meant jumping on a call with your clients and walking them through the basics of bug tracking software yourself.

Additionally, guests were sent an invite email containing a magic URL that gave them access to your BugHerd Project. Magic things are great when they work. And 9 times out of 10 it did work. However, the one time it didn't it could prove a difficult to problem solve.

Moving forward if the BugHerd system fails to appear as expected you can direct your clients (guests) to login to BugHerd directly via https://bugherd.com/Upon logging in, guests will be able to access a list of projects they have access to, though not the Kanban board just yet!  

Logging in will ensure that the cookie is set correctly and that they have access to the project/website as expected.

Overall the new on-boarding experience should result in less hand holding during setup and a better experience for the users you are inviting.

Thanks for your support and, as always, we would love your feedback as we go.

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