Easy Bug Tracking for Websites

Point & click an element to provide feedback with automatic screenshots & metadata.

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It’s like sticky notes on a website.

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Technical info from non-technical people

Spend less time wading through unclear or unactionable feedback. Contextual feedback is sent directly to the task management kanban board complete with screenshots, browser, OS & CSS selector data and more.
Contextual bug details will be added to your task
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Capture, track and resolve issues quickly

Speed up QA and acceptance testing. Users can log bugs instantaneously. BugHerd lets clients pin feedback directly to website elements and provides the contextual information to resolve any issues.

Collect and manage bugs in one place

BugHerd gives you the power of a fully-featured bug tracking tool. Change ownership, status, due dates, attach files, or add comments directly on the page. See your full task list and those of the entire team at a glance.
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"There are few tools that are loved by clients, the developers and managers. BugHerd gives everyone clarity and is actually fun to use."

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