The easiest way for you to give feedback on your website

Whether you’re building a new website or revamping your existing one, giving feedback to your website agency or development team is easier with BugHerd.

Received an invitation to give feedback? Let’s look at what BugHerd is and how to get started.

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Join 10,000+ companies, 350,000+ users across 172 countries.

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Forget filling in endless spreadsheets or sending millions of emails and give feedback right where it’s needed

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Easy and intuitive.
BugHerd’s point and click style makes it incredibly easy to leave feedback on the website itself.

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Explain exactly what you want changed. Automatically capture screenshots and annotate them. Pin feedback to the exact location you want. Record video feedback. Provide copy changes where you want them.

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Don’t sweat the technical detail. Always forget to mention which browser you’re using? BugHerd captures all the technical information for you, so your web development team won’t need to follow up. Simples!

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How do I get started?

If you’re joining an existing organisation, you need to be invited via email by a member of that organisation. (So look out for an email from your agency or web team!)

Open your email and click Give feedback.
Set up your login details and accept the invitation.
Install a browser extension if required (we’ll let you know if it is).
Go to your website and start pinning feedback!

Our customers say the nicest things!

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"The ideal feedback and collaboration tool that supports the needs of clients, designers, project managers, and developers."

Daniel Billingham,
Senior Product Designer


How do I give feedback?
BugHerd is designed so you can give feedback on a webpage while you're looking at it.

To give feedback:
1. On the BugHerd sidebar, click the plus (+) button.
2. Click on the website where you want to leave feedback. A new task box appears.
3. Type your feedback in the box and click Create Task. Your feedback is saved and a pin appears on the webpage.
4. If you want to edit your feedback, click the pin where you left feedback. The details of the task slide out from the sidebar.
5. To view all the feedback you’ve given, click All Tasks in the sidebar. A complete list of feedback you’ve created appears. You may also be able to see tasks created by others.
I haven’t been invited to a project, can I set one up?
Absolutely. If you want to use BugHerd for a website project, you can sign up for a free 14 day trial and invite your agency or web development team to join you. Find out more here.
What technical information does BugHerd capture?
In addition to a screenshot, BugHerd captures which operating system and browser the reporter is using. BugHerd also captures screen resolution, making it easy to see if the issue is desktop or mobile based. BugHerd also captures the page URL of the bug and selector information, making it easy to pinpoint bugs.
Where is the feedback sent?
BugHerd turns the feedback provided into tasks on a kanban style Task Board. Using the Task Board, you can sort, assign and track tasks to completion.
Can I integrate BugHerd with existing tools?
BugHerd integrates natively with Slack, GitHub and Wordpress. Using Zapier or Integromat, you can integrate BugHerd with thousands of other tools, including Jira, Asana, Trello and many other project management tools.
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