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Be seen, like 
never before 
with BillShirtTM.

BillShirtTM is just what it sounds like, billboards on t-shirts.

BillShortTM is used by companies all over the world
Billboards are great, but stuck in one location. Two seconds worth of view beside a freeway as potential clients pass by. It’s so old school.

How about advertising that moves around the city streets, visits shops, drinks flat whites in the sun and heads to bars? Now we’re talking!

BillShirtTM is just what it sounds like, billboards on shirts.
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BillShirtTM for Individuals

Looking for a job that lets you get paid while doing the things you love? Join the BillShirtTM team! Help businesses find and target their perfect audience by wearing BillShirtTM clothing that displays advertising while you’re out and about. Fit the image for BillShirtTM? Find out if you’ve got what it takes.

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BillShirtTM for Business

Your brand, walking around, mingling with your target audience, or potentially even tracking down your target market.

Best of all, with our patented CU technology, BillShirtTM registers the number of eyeballs of your brand, so you can work out the return on investment.

Upgrade to our Bullseye plan and our advanced facial recognition software will accurately record data such as age, gender, amount of eyeball time for the people who view your ads, so you can be sure your target market is indeed being targeted.

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The greatest thing to happen to advertising since 99 cents.
Roger Sterling,
Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce
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