The world's simplest bug tracker, just point and click.

Capture client feedback, resolve issues
and manage projects visually.

Visual Bug Tracker | BugHerd
Turn client feedback into actionable tasks.

Your clients report issues by making annotations right from the site being worked on.

BugHerd turns these into full bug reports with all the info you need to fix the problem.

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Simple Bug Tracker | BugHerd
Contextualise feedback
Mark up issues and submit feedback directly on your layouts, content and images with a single click.
Keep your team on track
Delegate and prioritise tasks, track progress, and keep clients in the loop with our clutter-free task board.
Find exactly what you’re looking for
Easily filter and sort through bugs on the taskboard letting you know what needs to be done and when.
Increase developer productivity
Stop miscommunicating with clients so you can spend less time discussing bugs and more time fixing them.
Integrate with your existing tools
Get more out of your workflow by connecting BugHerd to the services and apps you already use.
Hosted in the cloud
Start bug reporting right away there is nothing to install. Begin your free trial and start immediately.

Loving BugHerd! It’s making collecting feedback from non-tech users so much easier.

Paul Tagell, Melbourne University

We’ve helped hundreds of organizations world-wide

deliver over 2842136 feature updates, bug fixes and change requests.

Customer Logos

We absolutely love using BugHerd; it was a fantastic tool to use with beta testers.

Person-adii-small Adii Pienaar, WooThemes

It’s as much a collaboration tool as a bug tracking tool and I like that, I like it a lot.

Person-paul-small Paul Boag, Boagworld

BugHerd is indispensable in helping our community team easily identify UX issues for our devs.

Person-justin-small Justin Style, Zerply

I really enjoyed BugHerd very much, I’m looking forward to using it on larger projects.

Person-andreas-small Andreas Diwisch, Razorfish

Keep up the awesome work, this app rocks!

Person-daniel-small Daniel Buchner, Mozilla

Thank you so much for building the most perfect product that I’ve used in recent memory.

Person-craig-small Craig Keller, Digital Surgeons
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