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Make website reviews effortless with the easiest bug tracker and feedback tool.

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BugHerd is the best tool to collect, organise and act on website feedback.

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No steep learning curve for your clients to give website feedback with BugHerd.

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What BugHerd does for...

BugHerd for Project Managers

Do you often play the conduit between your client(s) and your web development team?
Then BugHerd is the perfect platform for your new website communication.

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Website feedback with a simple point and click.

BugHerd pins feedback directly to the elements on your website, making it dead-simple to use for QA and UAT.

bugherd's task board

Get visibility of your team’s progress on project work.

Website feedback is sent to BugHerd’s kanban-style Task Board.

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Integrate BugHerd into your existing project management tools.

BugHerd integrates with tools such as Slack, WordPress and GitHub natively. 

You can also send your BugHerd feedback to tools such as JIRA and Basecamp, via Zapier integration.

BugHerd for Design and Development teams

BugHerd allows design and development teams to collect, manage, and act on website feedback.

bugherd feedback pinned to webpage

Make QA testing quick and simple.

Forget detailed write ups. BugHerd captures the context with a simple point and click.

technical info captured with bugherd

Technical info from non-technical people.

BugHerd makes website feedback visual and contextual by providing a screenshot/video, along with info such as screen resolution, browser, OS, CSS selector data, and more.

annotation screenshots with BugHerd

Mark up feedback where annotations serve better than words alone.

The screenshots captured in your BugHerd feedback can be annotated with the 'Annotate Screenshot' feature.a

Your clients will love BugHerd too.

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Make UAT a breeze for your clients and your team.

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No steep learning curve. BugHerd’s point and click style makes it incredibly easy for your clients to provide feedback for website projects.

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Maintain a goodworking relationship with your client by ensuring client feedback is heard and handled smoothly.

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Join others who love BugHerd.

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Andrew M.


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"we love letting our clients use it as a way of posting issues and bugs and we can triage them and assign to developers or designers on our team."

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Aurelio D.


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"Making bug & change tracking easier and better to manage and understand. When I show it to people who have never used it the typical response is "where has this been all my life!""

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Verified User in Computer Software


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"As a website design and reform agency Bugherd helps to not only root out any site issues during the building process but also allows for efficient design feedback too. "

image of customer
Tom B.


icon of review source

"We have used Bugherd for every single web project we have ever built and just changes the game allowing us to triage internal, development and client feedback, saving time and money."

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Verified User in Marketing and Advertising


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"I love how we can easily create tasks, and track them through the studio. It means nothing gets missed. "

image of customer
Kate L

Director of Operations

icon of review source

"Vital tool for our digital marketing agency.”

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Daniel Bellingham

Senior Product Designer

“The ideal feedback and collaboration tool that supports the needs of clients, designers, project managers, and developers.”

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Jennifer K.


icon of review source

"Honestly love this tool. The dashboard is so helpful to see all of the internal team's feedback and the client's feedback all in one centralized place. It keeps things very organized. It's so handy during our QA process."

image of customer
Emily VonSydow

Web Development Director

“BugHerd probably saves us
at least 3-4hrs per week.”

Your questions answered about BugHerd

Do I need to install anything?
There’s two ways to set BugHerd up to get feedback on a website. You can embed a JavaScript snippet into the “head” of your website or you can install a browser extension to your preferred browser.
Does BugHerd include screenshots?
Yes, BugHerd snaps a screenshot of each bug as you report it. This helps whoever is fixing the bug to know exactly where the bug is and what is happening.
What technical information does BugHerd capture?
In addition to a screenshot, BugHerd captures which operating system and browser the reporter is using. BugHerd also captures screen resolution, making it easy to see if the issue is desktop or mobile based. BugHerd also captures the page URL of the bug and selector information, making it easy to pinpoint bugs.
Where is the feedback sent?
BugHerd turns the feedback provided into tasks on a kanban style Task Board. Using the Task Board, you can sort, assign and track tasks to completion.
Is BugHerd free?
You can try BugHerd for free on a 14-day trial.
Can I integrate BugHerd with existing tools?
BugHerd integrates natively with Slack, GitHub and Wordpress. Using Zapier or Integromat, you can integrate BugHerd with thousands of other tools, including Jira, Asana, Trello and many other project management tools.