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A visual way to pinpoint website bugs

The code-free way to get started with BugHerd. Annotate directly on the website, capture screenshots and turn it all into manageable tasks with BugHerd’s chrome extension.

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BugHerd explained in 30 sec ⏱️

Discover seamless web annotation and feedback with BugHerd's Chrome extension!

Facing hurdles in annotating web pages and managing feedback?
BugHerd's Chrome Extension is your trusted companion for effortless chrome extension annotation, right from your browser. Transform your website testing and feedback collection with a simple point-and-click interface, enabling everyone from developers to non-technical stakeholders to annotate and provide feedback with ease.

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Instant web annotation

Create, track, and review annotations directly from your browser. Send feedback to developers and get notified on updates effortlessly​.

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Automated screenshot capture

Every annotation comes with an automatic screenshot, providing visual context to your team, reducing the need for follow-ups​.

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Universal web compatibility

Log annotations on any site you browser. BugHerd's Chrome Extension isn’t confined to a single domain​.

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Kanban-style task board

Organize and prioritize your annotations and feedback in a visual task board. Allocate tasks to team members, track progress, and foster collaboration with ease​.

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Simple installation

A few clicks on the Chrome Web Store and you're set to redefine your annotation and feedback process​.

BugHerd benefits

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Communicate without confusion: Bid farewell to lengthy email chains and unwieldy spreadsheets. Centralize all annotations and feedback in the Kanban-style task board, facilitating smooth team collaboration and project tracking​​.

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Keep everyone on track:
Whether you are a developer, QA tester, project manager, or a client, BugHerd tailors its features to meet your needs, simplifying the annotation and feedback process.

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Deliver projects faster:
By reducing the time spent on logging annotations and collecting feedback, focus more on what matters - fixing issues and delivering a flawless website.

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Our customers say the nicest things

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Sam Duncan 📱📏 🌱


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"@bugherd where have you been all my life??

We just migrated our bug tracking over from Asana and have at least halved our software testing time time🪳👏📈. "

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Ashley Groenveld

Project Manager

“I use BugHerd all day every day. It has sped up our implementation tenfold.”

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Sasha Shevelev

Webcoda Co-founder

"Before Bugherd, clients would try to send screenshots with scribbles we couldn't decipher or dozens of emails with issues we were often unable to recreate."

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Mark B


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“A no-brainer purchase for any agency or development team.”

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Kate L

Director of Operations

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"Vital tool for our digital marketing agency.”

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Paul Tegall

Delivery Manager

"Loving BugHerd! It's making collecting feedback from non-tech users so much easier."

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Daniel Billingham

Senior Product Designer

“The ideal feedback and collaboration tool that supports the needs of clients, designers, project managers, and developers.”

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Chris S

CEO & Creative Director

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“Our clients LOVE it”

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Emily VonSydow

Web Development Director

“BugHerd probably saves us
at least 3-4hrs per week.”