Website Feedback for Remote Teams

Collect and collaborate on visual feedback from clients and users anywhere. ‍It’s like leaving sticky notes on a website.

Visual and contextual website feedback.
Wherever you work.

We know replicating issues can be tricky, especially when you're working remotely or from home. Trying to pinpoint them from a mile long email, impossible to read spreadsheet or a conference call is tedious and time-consuming...

What you can expect BugHerd website feedback to look like: 

  • Visual: Complete with screenshot (that can be annotated)
  • Contextual: Pinned directly to the element or page the issue appears on
  • Technical: Metadata included like browser, OS, CSS selector data & more
  • Timely: Bugs can be submitted with severity and assigned instantly
  • Accessible: Remote web teams can access and action the same feedback in real time.

Turn this...

Client feedback in emails

Into this...

BugHerd Bug Tracking Task Screenshot

"But it works on my computer"

Ashley Shaw Lightspeed Development
- Sasha Shevelev
Webcoda Co-Founder
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Before BugHerd, clients would try to send screenshots with scribbles we couldn't decipher or emails with issues we were often unable to recreate.

Instead of spending hours on back and forth emails and phone calls, Webcoda avoids having the “but it works on my computer” conversation by including BugHerd early into the feedback process.

Get great feedback, that's replicable any time, anywhere...

Website Bug Tracking Tool

Capture, track and resolve issues quickly

Embeddable via JS script or browser extension. Users can log bugs instantaneously.

BugHerd feedback will be pinned to the issue, like a sticky-note, enabling access directly from the webpage at any time via the sidebar extension.

Website Collaboration Tool BugHerd

Technical info from non-technical folks

Spend less time wading through confusing and inconsistent emails.

Contextual feedback is sent directly to the task management kanban board complete with screenshots, browser, OS & CSS selector data and more.

Manage Projects Remotely with BugHerd

Collect and manage bugs in one place

The BugHerd sidebar gives you the power of a fully-featured bug tracking tool.  

Change ownership, status, due date, attach files, or add comments directly on the page. Allowing your website team to to manage projects remotely.

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BugHerd makes it easy to collaborate with clients on new features and bug fixes via remote website testing
Project Manager
Gary - Web Developer and keen BugHerd user.

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