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BugHerd is the world's simplest visual feedback & bug tracker tool for any website - like using sticky-notes made better.

No more emails, no more spreadsheets and no more mess.

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Three simple steps for effortless feedback and bug tracking

Capture visual feedback on your websites, with point-and-click annotations.

Clients and team members use BugHerd's virtual layer over their websites, to simply pin contextual feedback where it matters. Anything from design feedback, to bug tracking, content changes and more are all done within BugHerd's intuitive app.

Get all the info & data you need to fix issues fast!

Feedback is made easier to understand, with all the necessary metadata and technical information added automatically to your pins. Get a visual snapshot complete with screenshots, browser, OS & CSS selector data and more.

Streamline your workflow with an all-in-one-solution, Kanban included!

Every piece of feedback and its attached info is sent to a customisable Kanban task board, ready to be managed to completion. Website development has never been this organised.

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- Sasha Shevelev
Webcoda Co-Founder
"Before BugHerd, clients would try to send screenshots with scribbles we couldn't decipher - or emails with issues we were often unable to recreate."

Instead of spending hours on back and forth emails and phone calls, Webcoda avoids having the “but it works on my computer” conversation by including BugHerd early into the feedback process.

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Great way to report and track bugs!  BugHerd has really been stepping up their game with constant improvements and new features!  Love that it is so actively developed now!
Agency Manager
John Hendrix
Keep up the awesome work, this app rocks!
Agency Manager
Daniel Beucher, Product Manager
Works well for our team which includes people on the lesser end of tech ability, and the Slack integration is very useful for us.  The way that it links issues to pins and images without needing to screen capture manually is cool.
Agency Manager
Daniel Beucher, Product Manager
Keep up the awesome work, this app rocks!
Agency Manager
Daniel Beucher, Product Manager