Get Feedback on Squarespace Designs

Connect BugHerd with Squarespace to collect visual feedback on your designs and content.

Just like Squarespace, it's super easy to use, even for non-technical folk. Acting like attaching a sticky-note on a webpage, just a simple point, click and describe means visual feedback can be shared directly with you.
Get Feedback on Squarespace with BugHerd

Building client websites with Squarespace is easier using BugHerd!
Here’s how it works...

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 Feedback on your Squarespace site

It's like a transparent layer on top of your Squarespace website...

Contextual and replicable feedback including a screenshot is pinned to the feedback, enabling direct access from the page at any time.

BugHerd merges seamlessly into your website design process, by making collecting visual feedback and tracking bugs so simple.

I couldn't function without this tool. I use it more than any other platform when producing websites. Never leave me Bugherd!
Agency Manager
Amanda Theobald, Senior Digital Producer
Get Feedback on Squarespace sites with BugHerd

Get all the information, so you can act on feedback fast

Phew! No more back and forth emails.

Feedback from your Squarespace site is sent directly to a handy task management board complete with metadata like a screenshot, browser, OS & CSS selector info and more. More info means a fast fix with less chit chat.

This is a product that has proven its value over the years. The time savings and overall efficiencies for website projects (managing front end builds and CMS integration) are amazing since we started using BugHerd.
Agency Manager
Scott Jacques, Digital Product Owner
 Building client websites on Squarespace

Collect and manage feedback from anyone, anywhere

BugHerd is easy enough for everyone to use straight away.

It's simple to install via a Javascript snippet or with our handy browser extension. Build it into your website design process so customers, clients or team members can review your Squarespace website and give you great visual feedback.

Being able to annotate a comment directly on a live / staging website, is a huge perk and something that I now cannot live without!
BugHerd Developer Tool
Mark B, Developer

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