The Visual Bug Tracker

Exclusive deal only for SitePoint users*Track bugs free for 45 days

*SitePoint exclusive offer: Sign up to a paid BugHerd account, email support@bugherd.com and mention "Sitepoint" for a 1 month free (on top of the standard 14 day free trial).

Join thousands of companies, big and small, just like yours.

Point and click feedback, with all the features...

Contextualise feedback

Capture, track and resolve issues quickly

The BugHerd app sits on top of your website and lets you log a bug instantaneously.

BugHerd feedback will be pinned to the issue, like a sticky-note, enabling access directly from the webpage at any time via the sidebar extension.

Find exactly what you’re looking for

Technical info from non-technical folks

Spend less time wading through confusing and inconsistent back and forth emails.

Contextual feedback is sent directly to the task management board complete with screenshots, browser, OS & CSS selector data and more.

Keep your team on track

Collect and manage bugs in one place

The BugHerd sidebar gives you the power of a fully-featured bug tracking tool.  

Change ownership, status, due dates, attach files, or add comments directly on the page. See your full task list and those of the entire team at a glance.

BugHerd is a game-changer. No more spreadsheets. No more out of control, ... impossible-to-follow revision cycles. BugHerd makes it easy for my team and me to put tasks into swim lanes, assign them, and track their progress.
This product is a total WIN.
Project Manager
Alex Shaffer,